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  1. Trip Reports
    I go to Alaska every June. Price of Whales Island, Coffman Cove, Kenai, Homer, Seward, etc. Been doing it for years. I spend most of my trips in the Sterling / Soldotna area fishing for Sockeye in the Kenai and Russian Rivers. June is the first run of sockeye every year (which tend to be bigger...
  2. Arts and Literature
    Here's one Gene might enjoy being a cartoonist.....:)
  3. General Forum
    Mismanagement much? Can't you get fired for opening it up on the Columbia and then whoops, just kidding, only half might show up. Never mind what was already harvested. I did 8 years in the army for this bullshit?
  4. Sockeye from Russian

    3 of the 4 total fish not caught and released from my whole trip to Alaska. All other fish both Salmon and trout were released. All my Sockeye were caught without flossing and even got to see some of the Sockeye chase down the fly. For those who know this river yes that is the ferry in the back gr
  5. Sockeye Salmon Agulupak River Alaska

    This guy tried to break my rod a few times before I got him in. He took a dry fly!
1-7 of 7 Results