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  1. General Forum
    Survive the sound is open for those that would like to participate! www.survivethesound.org
  2. Saltwater
    Hey everyone, it's looking like I may be joining some friends on a kayaking trip in Prince William Sound, AK at the end of May - does anyone know if there is any fishing potential there at this time of year in either the Sound itself or creeks/rivers flowing into the sound? It seems like it may...
  3. Conservation
    As a past fish sponsor, I received an email earlier this week that Survive the Sound is back. My sponsored fish last year, Bruce from the Skok made it 90+ miles and nearly out of the canal before meeting its demise. Long Live the Kings does a lot of good work for our local fisheries. Please...
  4. Classifieds
    I'm looking to purchase a 6wt for the sound as this seems to be the ideal from what I've read. I'm leaning towards the Sage Motive but would love to get some input from you all....and if someone has a rod for sale, I might be interested.
  5. Saltwater
    Finally back on the water after almost 2 months. Wasn't excited about the forecast for sun but today was my one day to fish, and I managed to get into a few nice cutthroat, all nice and healthy plus chunky, if they were post spawn they didn't look like it, no sea lice of any kind. First fish...
  6. Saltwater
    Following up on the thread about flats wading boots, I'm curious what PS beach anglers prefer, felt, lug sole, or other footwear for wading and fishing the PS and HC beaches. Does it vary by season, with the increased algal growth in the summer?
  7. Saltwater
    Anybody know how long it takes to clear up the water in the Everett area after all the mud coming down the rivers? I'm looking to hit the east side Whidbey beaches.
  8. Saltwater
    A Puget Sound commercial squid fishery will open for the first time in the next few days. I had heard last year that this was coming, but it is official now. Please see below. Reference number: 3674696H-24 PUGET SOUND SQUID REGULATION NO:2017-214-105 TULALIP TRIBES FISHING REGULATION DATE...
  9. General Forum
    Endangered Orcas Are Starving. Should We Start Feeding Them? Saw this article this morning. Thoughts? My reaction was that the idea is pretty absurd, and that the understanding of salmon hatchery programs and how well they work by the people quoted/contributing in this article was excessively...
  10. Saltwater
    Great morning on the water, only fished the one fly and the fish seemed to like it, had 7 or 8 opportunities.
  11. Classifieds
    A project I've been working on the last few days, I tied up some Puget Sound SRC fly selections for the Boise FF show. Ended up with a couple extra selections so thought I'd throw them up here. 12 flies in a selection, two each of the following : Rubber Legged Clouser, the Stonefish UV Resin...
  12. Fly Tying
    Starting a fresh box for winter in the sound. Going to try and keep it limited to the "must haves", curious what others have if they have a specific winter specific box for the sound? Next up to tie I have some green and silvers, crazy plankton, squimp, fj pink, bristle worms Justin waters...
  13. Saltwater
    Resolution #1- get 50 days on the water resolution #2 - explore new beaches So far so good, pacing for 365 days on the water and 730 new beaches. On the first beach at 8:15 this morning, little activity with rezzies but most just out of my range. Caught one small 12" or so on a white/chart...
  14. Saltwater
    Fished a well known beach in tacoma again the 26th (my birthday) and the fish gods gave me a few gifts. A beautiful cutt, A good size blackmouth and a loy of rezzies. Tide was outgoing most of the time. I fished only one fly, pink and white clouser with some pink rubber legs.
  15. Saltwater
    The last year or so I haven't fished nearly as much as I would have liked. Unfortunately it seems that the longer you go without making time for yourself the easier it is to make excuses to keep grinding away at work or to catch up on some sleep. But the few times that I have gotten out I've...
  16. Conservation
  17. Saltwater
    Gonna keep this short since I haven't thawed out yet.... Fished the sound today with my good buddy Justin. Fished from sun up till sun down. Took one short break about lunch time to grab a cup of coffee at a gas station. Last reader board sign I saw this morning said 25 degrees. I don't know...
  18. Saltwater
    finally back on the water after a 3 week drought. On the water right before Sunrise, about 7:30 am. No activity that I could see, started with a white wooly bugger and hooked into a fish within the first 10 mins, got off, same thing few mins later, the 2nd one was a nice fish. Decided to switch...
  19. Saltwater
    Have really enjoyed reading the forums the last few months. Lots of great info from past threads, and I always get stoked seeing photos and hearing reports of how everyone is doing. I called in sick to my employees on Friday, and headed down to MA 13 from Seattle. I haven't walked and stalked...
  20. Conservation
    I would like to organize a beach cleanup this winter. Currently I are looking at January/February time frame. I don't have any specific dates in mind, but soon I would like to have two or three dates to offer up then go from there. The idea is to have a good time cleaning up a beach and potluck...
1-20 of 69 Results