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    Echo Glass Switch 10'8" #4 paired to an ION 7/8/9 with Airflo Skagit Scout 270g. Rod and reel are gently used, but in very good condition. There is a small paint chip in the mid-section (2nd from tip) that I've circled in the 4th photo. Tried it out but it just does not fit my needs, so time to...
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    new Ross Reach 6126-4. Six weight 12'6" with divided factory tube. still has plastic on the handle $195 shipped, paypal. pics available Couple reviews: http://www.speypages.com/speyclave/59-rods/191194-ross-reach-6126-4-6-wt-126-review.html
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    For pictures see: https://yakima.craigslist.org/spo/d/for-sale-orvis-spey-rod-and/6511024871.html For sale Orvis Spey Rod and Loop Evotec Reel. Both are unused, Rod was only taken out of tube to photograph, has never been joined. Reel is cast/not fished, in pouch, it was mounted on various 8W...
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    7 wt 13' 4" rod from Burkie. A true do-it-all-stick. Winter and summer ready. Classic build. Downlocking reelseat. Throws 525 - 540 skagit / 480 - 510 scandi / rage IMHO. This rod is fished, but in good shape. I'd say 7 or 8/10 overall condition. Comes with Burkie sock and tube. Pictures show...
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    Like new (only been practice cast) Redington Dually 8136-4 Spey Rod. This is a 13’ 6”, 8 weight rod. Line recommendations are available on Redington’s web site. I know it is rated for a 575 +/- 50 grain Skagit head. This rod comes with the original tube and rod sock. No damage or blemishes...
  6. Gear/Technique
    I am looking to purchase the IMX Pro Short Spey in the 6 WT or 7 WT , I am also considering the Echo 3 Spey Rods in the 6127 or 7130 for fishing in September and October Alaskan Rainbows in the 24” to 31” class on the NakNek River and other rivers in Alaska throwing large flies. I have no idea...
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    Up for sale is my very lightly used SAGE ONE 8126 Spey rod. This thing is very powerful, fast and will throw a 600 grain Skagit head like a rocket. Perfect all around rod for the local S rivers or the peninsula both summer and winter. I hate to sell her, but I have too many 8 wt rods and I am...
  8. Gear/Technique
    Hello everyone, I am looking at getting my first spey rod and have a question about whats a good all around rod weight to get? Im super excited to get one and getting out on the water. I'm looking at getting the Echo TR. I mainly trout fish, but I do want to get into some steelhead and knock...
  9. Gear/Technique
    I'm looking to get into spey style casting for steelhead and salmon once I move out to Washington. Iv been doing a bit of research over the past few weeks on rods/reels/lines and would like to ensure I purchase the correct weight/length rod. My budget is 600ish for the rod or 3-400 for used...
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    Custom built by professional rod builder, never fished... only lawn casted. Upgraded everything. Pristine condition...comes with tube and case. Asking $350 OBO plus shipping! Pics available if you send me your email address.
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    Have a deal for any of you guys throwing for steelhead and salmon this year. Brand new never touched the water 7wt redington chromer Spey rod Sage 6200 reel with matching 550 grain skagit light Comes with rod tube $450
  12. General Forum
    Does anybody Know if the Titan rod vault fits Spey rod handles?
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    9 wt Burkheimer 8139 and Saracione Mk Iv, 3 3/4". neither have ever been used. just too much stuff. $1,500.
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    I have two items to offer for sale - your choice at $450 for either one. The first item is a Sage Z-Axis 7136-4 spey rod...lightly used with factory sock and tube. The second is a Echo SR 5108-4 switch rod package (rod + a Solitude 4 reel in gold + Wulff Ambush Line and includes cordura tube and...
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    Let me know if you have one you wan to get rid of. I am also willing to trade gear. Waders, other rods, reels....lets make a deal!
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    Want to buy Beulah Platinum 12'4" 8 wt spey rod. Or other shorter spey rod in 7wt or 8wt. Cheers Steve
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    Like the title says, I'm after a Cortland CL 7/8Wt Spey Rod (I have a 9/10 and a 5/6, so the 7/8 would round out the collection nicely! (Though I'm not in a huge rush, I'm not going to pay $400 for a rod that sold for 100-200 bucks new)
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    Time to sell the first Spey rod I ever purchased. It's seen the water about 15 times and is a great stick, easy to cast all day long . I have a Zaxis Spey and this is going to sit, so I want to see someone else get some use out of it (I also REALLY want to by a Deathstar set up from another...
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    ECHO Classic Spey Rod 8130-4 13'0" #8 line (540-650 Grains). This rod has been fished once and is pristine condition. It shows no wear, nicks, scratches, or soiling of the cork. This rod comes with rod sock and tube pictured below. This rod retails for $270, asking $200 (OBO).
1-20 of 65 Results