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    Pics added as promised.... You guys know what the deal is with these. I swore I'd never sell mine but I have four kids and another boat I use and this just hasn't seen much use in a few years. Only selling to get a Watermaster for my AK trips and create some space in my storage shed. I regret...
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    Selling my dad's 8' Hopper II Spring Creek Pram. I don't think it is saw water more than a half dozen times. It is in great shape and has been stored indoors from day one. It includes the oars, two Pocket Puller anchor systems (for bow and stern), Velcro rod holder and the seat box battery...
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    This fly fishing boat is designed for Class I and Class II rivers and stillwaters. It has high sides, an asymmetrical bottom shape, very low draft capabilities and shallow rise bow and stern. The 10' Hopper II is made of hand laid fiberglass with Eastern Ash gunwales and weighs 120 pounds. It...
1-3 of 3 Results