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  1. General Forum
    What is up with your government Washington? I understand the purpose of the permit for freshwater but not for saltwater and definitely not for a boat on a trailer on the Interstate just passing through that will never touch WA waters. Any lawyers got an opinion on if it is legal to force...
  2. Conservation
    Please request that your senators after taking this bold step, put pressure on the BC government to do the same. Escaped diseased Atlantics do not recognize the border between us. The last thing our elected politicians want to do is listen to the public so our voice isn't being heard. Maybe a...
  3. General Forum
    Does anyone know what kind of fish are in around the falls itself. It looks like some kind of sucker fish or perch i dont know might be able to get a picture of we were catching was caught. I know theres trout but had to go further down before i started catching any. all i caught by the state...
  4. General Forum
    I made this map using elevation information from Nasa's SRTM dataset. We're selling prints on our site with 100% of the profit going to the Wild Steelhead Coalition. We're also giving one away on our Instagram.
  5. General Forum
  6. General Forum
    ...of the PNW! Eat this Montana!!!!!!! :p
  7. General Forum
    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 http://wdfw.wa.gov/ February 28, 2017 Contacts: Kyle Adicks, (360) 902-2664; Michelle Dunlop, (360) 902-2255 Projections indicate state salmon fisheries will again be tempered by low...
  8. General Forum
    Can someone please point me in the right direction to locate the state law that allows recreation below the high water mark in rivers? I would like to get this in writing for the next time I get yelled at while fishing. A guy recently told his property extended into the middle of the river and...
  9. General Forum
    Following is my letter to the Editor of the Ellensburg Daily Record concerning the suction dredge mining reform needed in Washington State. Please contact Tom Dent at (360) 786-7932 and voice your support to protect our already endangered species. On January 17th, I presented testimony in...
  10. General Forum
    Fellow WFF'ers, Signing petitions can be helpful, but I think a more effective means of getting our voices heard is to contact our representatives directly. I think the most dangerous part of the current public lands transfer issue is that the average person isn't (and never will be) paying...
  11. General Forum
    This should probably have been posted in Conservation but I wanted broader exposure in hopes of a concree answer. My question is; Are government leases from various agencies like WDFW, State Parks, the DNR, etc. to individuals, businesses, or non profits a matter of public record. If so, how...
  12. Warm Water Species
  13. Conservation
    NW Indian Fish Commission's report on the state of the Puget Sound watersheds can be found here http://geo.nwifc.org/sow Click on the tribe or basin of interest. Curt
  14. Tripp's Winter Steelie

    second to last day before the Sky closes. Nice work!
1-14 of 14 Results