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  1. Anadromous
    How difficult is this stretch? I have rowed some but am not great. I have always run my buddies boats before on other rivers like the sky and part of the hatchery drift on the bogachiel, but I just am purchasing my own and want to take another friend down the nooch. Any advice is greatly...
  2. General Forum
    I saw this on Amazon - its a bar shaped like soap, but made from steel. Supposedly it removes scent from hands. Kinda got me wondering if any uses something like this for fishing when tying flies on or at the bench tying flies. Rub-a-way bar
  3. Anadromous
    I did a bit of this last night, first time waking a fly, and had some success, a few rise and refuses. Still, the toilet bowl flush depressions and the back of one fish was enough to wet my waders on the inside. The water I was targeting was fairly glassy, and moved into a tail-out. There...
  4. Classifieds
    I have a used ParaBody smith machine in great shape.It comes with the bench in photo.It has weight storage on each side.This is ParaBody's 917101 smith machine.It is heavy duty and will handle some serious weight. Look it up on their website you won't find a better buy. Weights in picture are...
  5. Classifieds
    Old home made trailer for sale or barter. Make offer before I send it to the scrap yard. No title. It does have (2) 3 inch rollers and electric winch that works. It's definitely a project.
  6. Anadromous
    I'm new to the west coast. Moved to Bend a few months ago. Was referred here from another site by Stonefish. Caught this on the lower D today. 18-19" and i don't know which it is?
  7. General Forum
    Out of curiosity , what frequency do you guys out west catch trout instead of a steelhead?? Many of the flies I know of would probably work well at certain times and conditions if there is a fish decides that fly needs killing and eating. just curious.
  8. Mount Steel

    Mt. Steel from above Marmot Lake
  9. Leaving work early is good

    Left work early to avoid traffic from the windstorm. Had the extra time, so I figured I would brave the wind and go fishing. Good choice.
  10. Before work steel

    No better way to start the day!
  11. Barkley's (my dog) first steel!

    His first time steelheading too...what a punk. Some dogs get all the luck ;)
  12. Finally!

    I had been waiting a while for this one...
  13. Caught on a fly from a fly swap!

    Absolutely HAMMERED the fly!
  14. Early evening Steel

    Took an October Caddis pupa on the swing
  15. Best of the day

    Not huge, but a great fighter
1-18 of 18 Results