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  1. Lakes
    I need to figure out how I will anchor the pram. I've used a 5# window weight on my canoe for decades. The canoe has low wind resistance once it aligns with the wind direction, and it doesn't take much to hold it in place. The smallest mushroom anchors I've seen in sporting goods and boating...
  2. General Forum
    In one fatal season, a beautiful fishing spot was ruined. It began one sunny day on Lk. Roesiger. I was casually fishing my way down the East side of the lake. I was stripping a damsel pattern about 15’ down and having pretty consistent luck. As I fished near some docks, I saw that an...
  3. Fly Tying
    I really like Denny Rickards Stillwater Nymph, but I've struggled to tie it on a jig hook because pulling the marabou over the back of the fly is actually folding it under the fly. I thought some and came up with this idea. Size 10 jig hook with a 7/64 slotted tungsten bead. Olive thread...
  4. General Forum
    Anyone care to share pictures of prams on stillwaters? Thanks
  5. Classifieds
    I am shopping for a full sink 5wt fly line. Type 5 or 6, fast sinking. I can pay with paypal, venmo, or local pickup near Mountlake Terrace/Seattle. For your consideration, I have a Scientific Anglers Mastery Expert Distance WF8F for trade if you are interested, barely used, great condition.
  6. Lakes
    Looking for suggestions on where to fish for Stillwater near Seattle. I have fished the obvious and less desirable places (greenlake, lake wa etc) with little luck. I have been fishing rivers my whole life and have never really given stillwater a chance so any suggestions would be greatly...
  7. Classifieds
    I have a Scientific Anglers Mastery Expert Distance WF8F. Only used a couple times on a backup rod which I no longer own, excellent condition. No welded loop at the head. Looking for an intermediate or a full sink 4WT line.
  8. Gear/Technique
    I've been poking around on lakes with my 3 wt Redington trout spey. I bring a 9' 5wt along too for trolling and 'vertical' fishing. I use the spey for chucking streamers almost exclusively. Right now I'm using one of the RIO 11' micro spey heads --it came free with the rod. It shoots line...
  9. Fly Tying
    Another cool lake fly from B.C. hook - Dai Riki 135 #10 thread - UTC 140 olive shuck - Congo Hair white rib - Mirage Flash opal abdomen - Crystal Chenille olive wingcase/wing - deer hair hackle - ginger mash barb, start thread; tie in shuck fold back, tie in rib, wrap halfway down bend...
  10. General Forum
    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Fly Design and Presentation In the last article, Having a Game Plan, we covered the basics of lake structure. In this article, were going to get some insight into what is necessary to make your...
  11. General Forum
    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Having a Game Plan If I were to make a guess, I'd say that about 80% of fly-fishers are attracted to running water. Of that 80%, I would be willing to venture that half of that 80% fish running...
21-31 of 31 Results