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  1. General Forum
    At this point I have a wading belt, zip ties, and a utility knife packed thinking I can find a decent dishpan or something else I can MacGyver when I get there. Thanks for any and all suggestions
  2. Lakes
    I hate it when this happens. I'm using a Scientific Anglers Wet Cel WF-5-S. Sink rate 4.0-5.0 inches per second. I clean it, stretch it, coil it neatly, but still it wants to stick to itself, twist up, look like undercooked spaghetti and not let me shoot it off my stripping apron. I am now in...
  3. Gear/Technique
    Total spey newb here. Most of my river fishing involves fish that are, well, aggressive. I wrestle with a lot of Bulls and Coho and this often means stripping flies. I'm not trying to lose any fingers to line cuts and would like some sage advice on this matter. I'm a big fan of Commando...
  4. Classifieds
    Looking for one for my 10' pontoon, off brand boat maybe a bit wider than most. What's out there? c/22
  5. Lakes
    Need one for my 10' toon. Anyone? Brad 206 498 6507
  6. Classifieds
    Fisker (Denmark) plastic molded stripping basket with cones and adjustable belt. Near new condition, only used a couple times. An essential item for beach fly fishing. $45 Cash transaction in Puget Sound area preferred or PayPal. You pay USPS Priority 2-day shipping to your home if...
1-6 of 6 Results