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  1. Conservation
    First off I know the tolt is closed to all steel fishing above the forks and salmon fishing in general. Im reading old reports from Bill McMillian and I am curious if anybody has any reports on the current status of steelhead in these forks? I want to snorkel the SF but know access if fairly...
  2. General Forum
    Hello all, I have officially signed on board a commercial fishing boat with a family friend for the summer! I will be heading to the Kenai Peninsula at the end of May. I will have about 7 or 8 days free before the we start spending our days on the boat working. He is also a religious man and...
  3. Gear/Technique
    I might pick up a spey outfit after wetting my river appetite again last weekend. It won't get much use. Maybe 10 times per year at the most. I've tried the two handed game before. I'm two handed challenged to say the least. River right I'm OK. River left anchoring, someone may get injured...
  4. General Forum
    Anyone else missing days like these?
  5. Lakes
    Anyone seeing signs of major summer kill at lakes this fall? The brookie lake I fish in the fall seems to have taken a hit. The 16-19 inchers that were so plentiful this spring/early summer aren't around this fall. Just the recent planters. The creel checker told me last Tuesday that they just...
  6. Saltwater
    Even though it was a subpar year for crabbing, just a reminder to report your catch card data before Oct 1st. It looks like you now need to create a username and password to do so. SF https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/#/
  7. Warm Water Species
    Weather guesser said we could expect more 80 degree days, so maybe I will try to meet up with some Big Mouth bass. Not certain poppers are a wise choice in broad daylight. BUT, when the sun goes out tomorrow, maybe........?
  8. General Forum
    Not my photo. But gets my vote for Best of 2017.
  9. General Forum
    My brother-in-law from Texas and his wife drink Coors Light, so we bought a case while they were here in late May. Running low on my Full Sail, I tapped into the remaining stock in the fridge. On these warm, dry days, that stuff is mighty darn refreshing... so much so that I had my wife pick...
  10. Anadromous
    Trying to put together a few summer steelhead patterns for the Quil system. I was thinking a Muddler, dark soft hackle, and a partridge and orange. Any other suggestions? Trying to keep it light. Thanks.
  11. Saltwater
    What a gorgeous day to be out on Puget Sound, I live for days like this. Mt. Rainier sticking out like a sore thumb, 75 degrees with a few scattered clouds and a slight breeze. No wonder so many people are moving here.... I went out fishing with a friend, we had luck on a beach on the incoming a...
  12. Watercraft
    This is probably the wrong forum... But I'll ask anyway. :D Anyone familiar with what the Kalama is like right now? Would a float from Red Barn to Modrow Bridge in a 10ft raft be more trouble than it is worth? Would I be bumping and grinding my way through? Or is the water at a decent level...
  13. General Forum
    No more pencils, no more books....no more students dirty looks!! Off until September, feels just as good being old as it did being a kid! (Maybe even better, I can drive to fish instead of waiting for dad to get home!) YA-HOOOOO! Hey...where's my indicator??
  14. Anadromous
    Hey everyone! New to the forums here. Moved out here from Montana and looking to get into some steelhead on the west side. Was going to try out the Humptulips or the Satsop on June 17th. Any advice for those rivers? Any spots where I wont be banging elbows with everyone else?
  15. General Forum
    How's that float at higher flows? I've done it in the winter time when it was really low. Just wondering if it's more difficult at higher flows
  16. Saltwater
    Has anyone ever fished for summer runs in the salt. I've had a bit of success in the winter but never thought about summer runs. It seems like the common spots on the west side of Whidbey would be a likely starting place. May and June seem like good times. Any thoughts?
  17. Classifieds
    Looking for a lightly used or backup pair of regular or zippered breathable waders with bootfoot/stockingfoot. Size: SMALL Patagonia, MEDIUM Orvis, SMALL Simms, MED Daiwa - prefer zippered but will consider standard non zip version too.... - foot size: 9 My $99 summer/spring waders is over 4...
  18. General Forum
    The Trout Unlimited Chapter based in Roslyn, WA is seeking two interns for the summer of 2017 (June-August). Here's an idea of what we're looking for: Communications - The ideal candidate will be pursuing a degree path in Public Relations, Journalism, or similar. The duties will be to design...
  19. Warm Water Species
    Got a few bass to cooperate last night. Nothing giant, but a couple over a foot long, all on poppers. Love their attitude. Like this guy that gave me a shower. You got me by skyriver posted Sep 15, 2016 at 7:35 PM
  20. Gear/Technique
    Had a few rods to finish in the last month...thought I'd share a few pics... An old Lamiglas 9' 5wt 2-piece blank I've had for years was built for a guy here in Bozeman...Perfect night lighting for pics... And just finished a 8'6 4wt VXP...Guy who bought it chose the thread color and...
1-20 of 31 Results