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  1. Saltwater
    Took a trip out on Sunday to a local beach, tides looked good, wind forecast not so much. My only time so I went for it and it was a bit blowy to start with. I didn’t have much hope but a few jumpers make me feel good that fish were around. It didn’t take long and some rezzies were slamming...
  2. Lakes
    I was finally able to break an afternoon away and decided to hit Lone Lake. After the fish die-off last year, I have wanted to see how the lake is recovering. I got on the lake around 1:00 in the afternoon right as the sun was breaking free from the clouds. No one else was on the lake. First...
  3. Saltwater
    Yesterday I had a double digit day ebb fishing for SRC that were schooling up. I was anchored and standing in the Kayak and was able to refine some techniques. Specifically the set. In this circumstance you could often see 2-3 cutts chasing the fly, one might hit it, and in general the hit...
  4. Saltwater
    Fished 7am to 11am on Sunday, launching out of Shilshole. Went beach to beach with no signs of fish until about 10am I stumbled onto a boulder filled beach where I caught 2 SRC on the Puget Sound Gurgler. Noticed that there were fish of decent size slashing at things on the surface so switched...
  5. Lakes
    I'm going to fish a lake I've never tried tomorrow near arlington, anyone interested, it looks really nice, I use float boats. Earl
  6. General Forum
    I have two growlers of beer lots of flies and knowledge. Heading out on the early side to fish one of these two lakes. PM me if you are interested in joining me.
  7. General Forum
    I had planned on attending the Lynnwood show tomorrow. A friend of mine just called and asked if I wanted to tie at the show. It appears there were a few cancellations. With that being said, I am going to start packing my tying gear for the show. My plan is to tie deer hair poppers. I will be...
  8. Classifieds
    I'm selling our 2 tickets to the Sunday Night game December 4th @ 5:30pm. Tickets are section 113, row F so only 6 rows up from the field; the attached pic shows the view from the seats. Selling for $200 each. Face value is $135, going for $230-$250 on Craiglist right now. They are the...
  9. Lakes
    I am fishing a lake near Shelton. I leave my house in Puyallup, pick up my boat from my lake house near shelton and hit a lake. Time? Whatever suits me or us. Trolling, anchor fishing or whatever suits our needs. Send a message if interested.
  10. Anadromous
    Open seat. We swing, we nymph, and I spoon fish. Central Washington. If you take the seat, you are agreeing to run the bobber out of the boat to help catchrate. Pm for details. Saturday and Sunday. Meet us there and help run shuttle. Thanks gents!
  11. General Forum
    Sunday afternoon, after the morning chores it was my time to go and do some river exploring. When we moved into our Yak home last September I haven't taken enough time or had much luck wading the river. I look for signs of fish as we take our morning and evening walks even though I'm completely...
  12. General Forum
    The Yak flow is down from crazy to merely a bit high. I plan to float the canyon on Sunday, most likely in the afternoon. Let me know if you're interested.
  13. Fly Tying
    Getting it's name from the "Church Window" feather utilized for the wing, the Sunday Caddis is a newer pattern that has shown initial promise on a couple waters, and is currently being evaluated on additional streams. Sunday Caddis Recipe Hook: #14 Orvis Tactical Czech Thread: 6/0 Black...
1-14 of 15 Results