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    FS Abel Brown trout super 5n Was lined but I couldn’t find any noticeable marks or scratches on her. I’ll put a price tag of $600 shipped anywhere in the USA. I had this on trade but I just received some bad news so I’m going to need the cash. More items coming.
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    Absolutely gorgeous reel, with every option. Yep, the drag knob is finished to match the reel. The spool handle was upgraded to metal (clear silver) to more closely match the reel finish. I even have an extra drag knob nut as a backup. Includes the factory box, cordura case, instructions...
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    Sold Thanks, Mark
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    Have an Abel Super 10 in excellent condition. Two spots on the rim with very minor boat rash. Mechanically perfect and just relubed the gear and cork drag. Its currently set up for LH wind and has approximately 250 yards of Jerry Brown 80# backing. Double pawl and blue finish. $450 shipped to...
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    Want to buy a Abel 3 or 4 super n in a trout print prefer used.. PM or email [email protected] Thanks
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    I am looking for an Aire Super Puma. Preferably, with the older Recretec frame...with the cooler seat in the front. I need to be able to sit 2 family members in front and 1 in the back on family river trips, when I am not fishing. Wife gave me the OK to pull the trigger but has to double as...
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    Anyone want to trade a black Abel Super 5 (not 5N) for an Abel Super 4 (not 4N)? I'd prefer a black Super 4, but probably any color would be OK. Watchoo got? Thanks
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    FS - Abel Super 11 with 350+ yards of 65# braid backing and Abel reel pouch. Reel was my backup tarpon reel and has never been tested. Immaculate as new condition. $425 shipped CONUS firm.
  9. Gear/Technique
    Anyone know if there are plans for anyone to come out with a 15 (ish) foot intermediate skagit head for SH rods? I've seen the Ambush ones and they won't do quite what I'm looking for...at least easily, plus they're a little longer than I want.
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    Reel is actually an Abel Super 13, not 14 I have a red super 13 abel reel i'd like to sell. Reel has been fished, but is very good condition. I have the original box, pouch, and an extra bottle of neats foot oil to go with it. Reel was serviced by abel for routine maintenance this winter and...
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    Abel Super 9 in striper finish. Reels is in near new condition and includes case, original box, and warranty card. Also reel is loaded with 50# braid backing. Currently set up for LH wind. No nicks or rash at all. $450 includes shipping in lower 48. Firm. Paypal preferred.
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    I have for sale a great shape Abel super 5n. Front side is gloss black handle side it matte black with rose handle. Has hatch braided backing and scientific angled bonefish 5wt line. Has a few very light scratches. Works perfectly and sounds amazing when the drag is getting pulled. $400 obo...
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    thanks for looking. Purchased two of these a few yrs ago ,,I use one regularly. The disc drag is smooth and light.. perfect on a 2/3 wt rod with light tippets This one is still new in the box . Retailed for 225. Price tag still on the box. Super light and fully machined. Korea .. reel...
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    I bought the reel but ended up only using it once... The reel includes backing. I cannot find a scratch anywhere on the reel. I am offering the reel for $350 including shipping CONUS. Thanks, Benjamin
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    For sale: Pac 1400 by Outcast. Excellent shape and comes complete with cataract oars, anchor and fishing frame. Asking $3800 email at [email protected]
  16. Watercraft
    HI Folks - I just wanted to reach out and let you know about the most incredible custom raft frame company out there today. It's 'Montana Raft Frames' from Huron, MT and his name is Leo. Leo is an absolutely standup up guy and custom built the frame for my AIRE Super Puma. A few months later...
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    looking for a loop opti dry fly. It's okay if it's a bit used. I am also selling an olive colored Abel super 4n for $275.00 in good condition. A few blemishes but nothing big. Let me know if you'd like pictures. I would also do a straight trade reel for reel if you wish. Thanks. -Ben
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    This has hardly been used. It is in great shape. $200 US shipped to the lower 48. Per Abel: 3.0" dia 0.75" wide 4.4oz 3 + 75yds 20# 4 + 50yds 20#
1-20 of 47 Results