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    Used once. Like new. Comes with SA Big Water Line and 65lb Gel spun backing. $650
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    ISO a QUALITY 12 wt. or more line weight ROD (9 foot, 4 piece) A Tarpon quick shooting line and maybe a reel...please send pics to [email protected]!
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    I bought this line last season and never used it. Spooled it up and it just sat. $75 OBO plus cost of shipping or local pickup in Bellingham
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    Posting this for one of my clients, Tim Williams from South Carolina Tarpon season is just around the corner! Here's your chance to get a great setup! Tim is selling his Thomas and Thomas TNT Fly Rod, No. 12, 9 Feet, 4 Piece w/ Hatch Fanatic 12 Plus Large Arbor Reel with backing and Royal...
  5. General Forum
    I started this thread back in the last week of December. I had hoped to post it on New Year's Eve. I was using Internet Exploder as I drafted it; I continued to have problems getting the video link to embed. I finally used Chrome and it worked. (I hope) If you are using Exploder you may not...
  6. General Forum
    Recently got home from a trip to Belize where I landed my first tarpon, pictured below. I will write up a proper trip report once I unpack and get all of the pictures put together. I appreciate the input I received from forum members prior to heading down. I understand the allure of chasing big...
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    Hi I am looking for a Lamson Saltwater Tarpon and/or Marlin Reel in very good condition. Please PM me or let me know if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks
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    All prices are shipped conus $18 $18 $20 $15 $5 $5
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    I'm asking 350 for the Sage one 5904, it has a little cork filler in one spot 125 for the orvis convertiable tops size large long and 40 for the airflo tarpon line 11 weight
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    Looking for these Cand F , Umqua boxes in reasonable condition
  11. Classifieds
    Picked up a Billy Pate Tarpon AR frame and am looking for parts like a spool and handle arm. I have the reel frame, main drag assembly and main shaft. Hoping someone might have some parts laying around somewhere for one of these. Trying to find out from Tibor what parts they have available...
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    All lines new, unused, and in box UNLESS indicated otherwise. Master Saltwater WF11F., yellow/horizon color, smooth line, $30 Mastery Textured series Saltwater Taper, WF11F, light blue, $30 Mastery Saltwater Taper, smooth line, light yellow, WF12F, $25 Mastery Textured Series Tarpon WF-13-S...
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    Hey All - Hoping somebody has a saltwater fly box that's not getting a ton of use. I have a trip coming up to Belize, and will be fishing for bonefish, permit, and tarpon. Just a new saltwater angler, hoping someone can help me out a little bit. Thanks, happy to answer any inquiries.
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    2 brand new things I came across in a mandatory gear clean out that I need to send on down the line .... Brand new, unused Cliff's Bugger Beast with an original leaping tarpon artwork by Jorge Martinez on it. I looked around and found that these sell for $200 on Ole Florida Outfitters...
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    Looking for a 11 weight tarpon line
  16. Classifieds
    I have an Airflo Tarpon Sniper Tropical WF11 F/I new in box for sale. $25.00
  17. Trip Reports
    The day of fishing at Isla Blanca with Captain Enrique was highly anticipated since it was next to the last day of our stay in Cancun. 5:30 am could not come soon enough to start heading out to get a taxi. As I walked briskly in the dark from our resort section to the main lobby I noticed a...
  18. Saltwater
    In May 2012 I went on my first fly fishing trip for tarpon down on the Florida gulf coast, and I briefly hooked up with a nice fish that gave me a big jump after breaking the leader. I've been dreaming about doing it again ever since that day. Last week I returned to Boca Grande with my older...
  19. Little Tarpon

1-20 of 20 Results