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  1. General Forum
    Anybody think an 8 weight would do for Lake Tapps Muskies? 8 weight is the biggest I have and can’t afford another rod right now hahaha
  2. Lakes
    Going to try and fish for some Tiger Musky this coming year. I have some XXL wiggle tails from Rapax, and want trail it behind the hook. Unfortunately, I can't find any stinger style wire stiff enough. Admittedly "can't find" has a lot to do with my lack of knowledge on Tiger Musky fishing...
  3. Warm Water Species
    I went fishing for tiger muskie for my first time this weekend with @dryflylarry as my guide. We got to our destination around 8:30am Saturday with a surprisingly empty parking lot. Good start. Launched the boat and headed to an area that Larry knew held some fish from previous trips. We...
  4. Warm Water Species
    Took a trip to check out the tiger action. The lake was definitely full and water a little cloudy. I guesstimated about 3 - 4 feet of visibility. Seemed like a good idea to try one of my new articulated files. The fly looked great in the water. I was wondering of white would be the right...
  5. Warm Water Species
    Any questions???
  6. Warm Water Species
    What a great fish to fish for. I was back at it this morning. Saw some big boys hanging in the weeds. They didn't like the black or white flies. I need another color just to mix it up I think. Had a few follows and decided to change locations. Good choice on the location change. Hooked up...
  7. Warm Water Species
    Well it finally happened yesterday. Landed my first, fishing with Eyejuggler at Mayfield Lake. It was a long day of casting casting and casting. Pretty tough fishing casting those 8 and 10 wts in the wind that came up in the afternoon. Spotted a monster early in the day. I was impressed...
  8. Warm Water Species
    Inspired by some of the reports that have been coming out of this section recently, I decided to accompany a buddy out to "his" spot to try for some Tiger Muskies... I started out with a few of these: After working a ton of structure on one area of the lake, we worked our way back to another...
  9. Fly Tying
    Anyone interested in tying me some 6" to 9" Tiger Muskie flies? I would love to see some examples if any of you guys have tied any on the past.
  10. Warm Water Species
    I returned for more tiger muskie action today. The Fish Gods blessed me. I lost one on the first cast. I was also fortunate to bring two of them to the boat. I had several follows and spotted some big ones, however they choose not to play. On one of the follows I saw the 2 foot long...
  11. Warm Water Species
    Billy 0. Saw some toad bass today. Figures. No target fish seen. This lake doesn't have many but I've seen them before though and I won't catch one if I don't try. Beautiful out. Nice paddle.
1-15 of 15 Results