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  1. Classifieds
    10 foot Catchercraft,1-Salt Steelhead. 3 years old, powder coated frame, always stored inside,double chamber Maxxon tubes. Large Catchercraft equipment bag, large capacity K-Pump, Dave Scadden oars, metal floors, delux Leelock anchor sys with 17lb chain anchor. Removable lean bar, motor bracket...
  2. Anadromous
    Any one game? Thinking of heading to Forks for a couple of days with the toon and need a partner. I've run both the Bogy and the Duc so if the water is at the correct level it will be productive. Dates aren't set in stone yet and I'm pretty felxiable with them.
  3. Watercraft
    Advanced Tube Engineering Project Hi Guys and Girls! Love reading the forum and seeing the float ingenuity that all of you possess! This site has been very valuable to me; as a new tube owner,and younger fly fisherman in the community. I hope some if,you are willing to help me on my project...
1-3 of 3 Results