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  1. General Forum
    Hi Everybody, Just wanted to pass along the latest from my little wood shop. In this video I make a one-of-a-kind sapele mahogany creek net with a handmade and painted salmon smolt carving in the handle. I love the end result of working with mahogany, and sure loved working on the bonus net I...
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    FS Abel Brown trout super 5n Was lined but I couldn’t find any noticeable marks or scratches on her. I’ll put a price tag of $600 shipped anywhere in the USA. I had this on trade but I just received some bad news so I’m going to need the cash. More items coming.
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    Fisknat Methow Wooden Landing Net 23 inches long. Classy look and works great. Minor blemishes from years of fishing $65
  4. General Forum
    Hi I just moved to Chanook and in search of streams in my area that hold trout. I ha e found some across the bridge in OR bit wonder what is in my area.
  5. General Forum
    For trout, I’ve never really enjoyed the results when using split shot. Now that I've been spey casting for salmon & steelhead for a few years, I’ve really started to dig swinging flies and the process of trying to figure out what’s happening under the surface with various sinking leaders and...
  6. General Forum
    All, I normally do float tube fishing in the high alpine lakes. But I would love to try a stream/river and see how that fishes. Does anyone know if a good river/stream in the Snohomish area for trout? I have a 4WT and 5Wt rod so I am not trying to get steelhead or salmon. I just want to throw...
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    I have for sale one badass hypalon raft. The raft is an older Momentum 13 footer, self-bailing model. Includes entire NRS frame, with both front and back seats and accessories. Basically the whole enchilada.... If you are looking for your first raft, or want a bomber raft that you can treat...
  8. General Forum
    Hello all, I recently have started working on camano island close to the state parks. I am looking for advice for places to fish for sea run cutts and bull trout. Mostly just locations is what am after here. I would also be interested in meeting up to fish these spots. I have a moderate level...
  9. General Forum
    Hello, my name is Clay and I'm new to this forum and relatively new to fly fishing. I recently moved to Washington from Oklahoma and am looking for some places to wade for trout. I was planning on trying to fish the Naches next week, but I talked to a fly shop in the area and they said that the...
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  11. General Forum
    I am planning on a midweek three night camping trip to Mt Rainier NP in the next couple of weeks to do photography Would love to fish for 3-4 hours each day on moving water that contains a decent amount of trout that are at least 12" long Is this do-able or is it a pipe dream? Thanks.
  12. General Forum
    I have a campspot reserved at Bogachiel SP for a couple of nights next week First time camping on the OP Can anybody tell me if the Bogachiel River is worth giving a try for trout? Thanks
  13. General Forum
    A good ( non -fishing ) buddy has invited me to join him for a few nights of camping in the Salmon La Sac area this weekend I am new to the PNW and would love to find out where the decent sized trout hang out Can anybody share some info on the Salmon La Sac area? I don't intend to be...
  14. Classifieds
    Thanks. These are a good deal if anyone can use them Have both a Redington classic trout, new with warranty card,, case . 5 Wt And a echo carbon xl .. 6 Wt new in case. Remaining from the river clean up project 89.95 ... each. Pick up or add 13.29 shipping. Each PayPal is...
  15. Classifieds
    Hey folks, Looking for a reddington or echo 4 weight trout spey set up.....anyone trying to get rid of one of those? Fin
  16. Classifieds
    looking for a Sage 3110-4 one trout spey. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks, Estes
  17. General Forum
    Excellent video on Mexican Trout. Joe is an excellent artist and passionate fisherman. The environment these fish are found in is stunning. Hopefully the work started can save some of these gems. My dad is in a picture @ 5:25 in; he spent several years in the area in 1932 era doing stream...
  18. General Forum
    I have been doing a lot of recent reading on the various species of char, trout, and salmon. One thing I noticed was that both Cutthroat trout and Rainbow trout have many different recognized subspecies. What I’m wondering is: why don't we see that many subspecies of say Brown trout or Brook...
  19. General Forum
    Hello, I am new to fly fishing and am looking for good lakes and rivers in the Grays Harbor County area. Klone Lakes caught my attention due to its more exclusive and private landscape that comes with it, however, I am curious about the amount of trout in the lakes. From what I found, it was...
  20. Classifieds
    Orvis TROUT BUM 7 foot 4 weight. . I truthfully did not fish it. Tube and Sock are clean and unblemished with nothing other than dust and marks from other tubes running past the tube. Cork is perfectly clean as it would have been on the shelf of the store. The rod is MINT condition. If you...
1-20 of 401 Results