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  1. Saltwater
    On 8/27/2021, @Jake, @Clarkman, @Steve_S, @tyler, and I did a tuna trip out of Westport with @Nick Clayton and his deckhand Evan of All Rivers and Saltwater Charters. We had a great time. Nick and Evan did a great job getting us into fish. Most of us did not have any prior albacore fly fishing...
  2. General Forum
    Our tuna charter out of Westport was canceled Monday due to weather. This is to be expected, disappointing, but always a possibility. The problem is Westport Inn refused to refund our room because we booked through hotels.com instead of calling Westport Inn directly. Apparently if you call them...
  3. Fly Tying
    Ive never fly fished for big fish, like Wahoo, yellow fin, yellow tail, and other big fish. I'm tying up some deceivers, on 5/0 34007 saltwater hooks. Can anyone point me in the right directions, or will these work?
  4. Classifieds
    Salmon, Tuna, Halibut, Crab, bottom fish guide charter license is available for lease for 1 or possibly 2 years. Includes annual renewal fees, prepaid in full at the time of licenses issuance. Permit is good up to 8 rod endorsements. $6000/year
  5. Saltwater
    Just came across this awesome YouTube video. Figured it deserved a post here.
  6. Camping, Hiking, Cooking
    A family favorite for dinner tonight. Home canned albacore canned with garlic, mayo, pickles, onion, and I like just a hint of mustard. Topped with gouda cheese... Well mine has cheddar and mozzarella as I'm not a huge gouda fan. All on sugar free wheat bread to accomodate my diet lol. Add...
  7. Classifieds
    Sage Xi2 1290-4 used 1x Nautilus CCF 12 left hand wind - unused $500 + shipping conus
  8. Saltwater
    In some of our discussions about fly fishing for tuna there has been some discussion about the practice of cnr with these fish and whether or not the fish could handle it. Anyway, I came across this video today and thought it was pretty interesting. Not trying to make any definitive conclusions...
  9. Saltwater
    My uncle and I chartered the Shogun to do just that. We have a couple of spots open and Shogun Sportfishing wants the angler list in a couple of months to secure the boat. The trip isn't until Nov 2018 so there's plenty of time to beg, borrow or steal those 13-15wt setups. 400+ scoops of bait...
  10. Saltwater
    I ran across this article in the BBC web site [the original url that was here is wrong. I have corrected it below] that describes some of the physiological and morphological adaptations of billfish and tuna that are key to their biology. In particular, the article debunks some of the more...
  11. Saltwater
    Hi All, Myself and another WFF member (ColtonM) have a tripped booked with Red Sky Charters out of Warrenton, OR this Saturday, September 10th. We have 4 people currently and need to fill 2 more spots! Trip is $275 for fishing only, or $350 includes lodge stay the night before and meals. 2 of...
  12. Saltwater
    went about 40 miles off the coast of ilwaco for tuna it was strictly a meat trip and brought home about 90 lbs of filets Did try a jack pole which is similar to a tenkara method fishing about 6 feet of 100 lb mono connected directly to a stiff fiberglass pole. it was interesting to observe...
  13. Classifieds
    Like the title says. I have a Redington Brakewater 11/12 with 300 plus yards of gel backing, another 50 yards of running line, now I just need a line to put on it. I really want to hit tuna this year.
  14. Saltwater
    While Mako shark are the only one of these species that have realistic value as a fly fishing target, I still find it fascinating what can be found off our coast. From another saltwater forum: After reading this I am now 100% sure that we saw a small Mako shark when tuna fishing this year...
  15. Tuna

    2nd fish for the boat of the day.
  16. mm sushi

1-17 of 17 Results