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    large selection of salmon spoons. $3.00 each
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    used wobblers for sale---$4.00 each plus much more.
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    Prices reduced and includes shipping to U.S: Wulff SWT 11F. J3 coated. $50 or will trade for same or similar line in 10W. Fished one time but is too heavy for my rod. This is a coldwater saltwater taper line. Wulff Ambush 8 wt. $50; used a half dozen times. I like the Orvis bankshot better...
  4. Photography / Video
    Curious about member experiences: right now 42nd St PHOTO is aggressively pushing ads to me (no doubt due to my browsing research and shopping) and their prices are marked down more than B&H or Adorama. Any reason to avoid 42nd St PHOTO? GetOlympus has markdowns on Olympus cameras. B&H and...
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    Brand new Denver Outfitters Rod Vault NEVER used. Just traded in my rig for a new one and no roof bars. You pay what I paid and no waiting (I wanted for a few months to get mine). Details here --> https://denveroutfitters.com/product/the-classic-rod-vault-fly-round-4/
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    thanks for looking i purchased this a t the show but really needed a 8 wt ..so i bought the 8 wt this 9wt . used it 3 x ,, maybe 12 hrs tops .. in excellent cond... comes with sock and cabelas case .. paid 299 .. 229.. 12.95 shipping ,,,, many thanks
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    Thanks ,hey hope someone can use this ,, it's a great rod great condition , as scene in foto.. used 2 x. I bought it at the show .. but really need an 8 wt. 239. Takes it , 8.89 shipping ,, PayPal .. comes with sock , many thx .... I don't think you can get a better 9 wt for the price .. Jim
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    thanks for looking , my Own Scott,, I love the rod ,, purchased at a show , needed a 8'wt but I couldn't resist , paid 300 Comes with sock , ... but I really need a 8 wt were as all my gear is set up for 8 wts .. willing to trade .. or purchase for 249. 9.95 shipping , PayPal or...
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    hello and thanks for looking , have the receipt for the warranty purchased this rod after borrowing a friends .. bought one the next day , even for the retail price the rod exceeds my expectation . 69.00 .plus 9.29 shipping .. only selling it because the kids gave me a Scott s4s for early...
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    thank you for looking ,, will trade ? For a 8wt tidal ? Purchased this at the show this spring , paid 300. New , sock but no case , used for about 4 hrs , love the rod but really need a8wt... all my lines etc are geared for 8 ..but it was a great deal. 249.00 and 10.00 to ship will work ...
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    6 foot. I go through all that I have to go with it on Wednesday and add to post. $100.00
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    hello and thanks for looking selling an extra sci angler mastery 4/5 reel . This is one of several I had ,, admittly stored away .. maybe used it once .. in mint condition .. with bos , pouch etc .. there is nothing wrong with the 2 I use currently so it's time to go after 29 yrs .. jewel of a...
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    Anyone got one lying around not being used? [email protected] Thanks
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    I'm looking to buy a used hybrid camping trailer no longer than 23' that can sleep 8 and is half-ton towable. The Rockwood Roo's seem really nice and based on my research would be on the top of the list.
  15. General Forum
    I am not a native son of Washington, but have lived here the better part of fifty one years. Due to cabin fever and constraints to fishing, I was sitting in my big brown chair this morning, dwelling on past fishing trips and recalling some fun times with my late fishing partner. Some time ago...
  16. Watercraft
    Good afternoon! I am looking to purchase a drift boat and am looking for those who may have one for sale, or know others who may be in the market to sell. I would appreciate any potential information or leads folks have. Thanks! Conner
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    A few years ago I purchased a Tibor Gulfstream for a trip that ultimately fell through and never re-materialized. This reel has never been used and has been sitting in its neoprene pouch since I bought it. It was lined at the time, but I cannot remember the specifics (likely a higher end tarpon...
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    The LP 6'9 2 wt. is brand new with tag still on and has not seen water. The 9' 5wt has been used a couple times but in mint condition. Sorry but not looking for any trades and rods will come with the rod cloth and tube. Price includes Pay Pal and shipping fees to the lower 48. I can ship...
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    Speydicator 6, bought new, still NIB- 30-bucks plus ship CONUS Ion 8/10 light use, great condition 50 bucks plus ship CONUS Orvis Hydros 8F salmon/steelhead line, NIB 20-bucks plus shipping Trade or partial trades for Rio In Touch Streamer Tip 6, Streamer Express 6, CLA 3, Ion 7/8, or reel...
21-40 of 49 Results