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  1. Lakes
    Five of us ventured over to the Methow Valley to fish a few lakes for the last time this year. All are contributors to the WFF site. Fishing was fishing at some lakes and catching at others. There were some recent plant and some very nice bigger fish, 18-20". We ended up at five different...
  2. General Forum
    Moving on the 15th to Whitefish and I have discovered that my Sprint cell phone has no coverage in the area. My gf has AT&T and she had decent coverage while we were there. I'm looking at either t-mobile or Verizon so that between the both of us we have more overall coverage. What does...
  3. General Forum
    I've always enjoyed reading about the early days in our state and about some of the streams I've fished. Here are two articles others might enjoy if you fished these streams. If you know of any others, please post them up. SF Wynoochee http://www.legendsofamerica.com/wa-johntornow.html Hoh...
  4. Conservation
    There was a thread about this mine proposal awhile back, but I didn't see the new Methow Headwaters video shared. Check it out if you haven't already, and then take action at: https://www.methowheadwaters.org/take-action/ Methow Headwaters, the Wilderness Society and Conservation Northwest...
  5. Photography / Video
    This is not fishing related other than the fact that its the best thing to do this time of year when the lakes are frozen and its too cold for this old dude to go fishing. Love capturing the beauty of this area in winter. https://ronraport.smugmug.com/Animals/Skagit-Valley-January-2017/i-XTkDZ9c
  6. General Forum
    I am heading to Ketchum, Idaho this weekend and I was hoping someone had some current fishing reports. I am familiar with the the rivers and stillwaters but was hoping for some intel. tight lines my friends. Ryan
1-9 of 9 Results