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  1. General Forum
    Share your good photos and video here. (continued "monthly" photo thread from the photography sub-forum) ------------- Enjoying the drone thing. Think of my background as an old remote control model flyer at Marymoor Park in Redmond along with being a fly angler ... with a side in...
  2. Photography / Video
    Here's the second episode of Ten Rivers Trip - a project with me and my son exploring new waters in Norway. This is a fly fishing mini series, but it would not be wrong to call the film a nature documentary. Two parallell stories - the fly fishing in scenic rives and my son using hiking and fly...
  3. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    I enjoyed this short video, maybe you will too...
  4. General Forum
    For those who like to fly fish for carp, or want to learn what it looks like when a carp eats a fly, this Australian fisherman has several good videos on Youtube... I am getting itchy for spring....
  5. Fly Tying
    Single station, but still a good profile and lots of movement Shank - 35mm Partridge Waddington Shank Hook - Partridge z4 intruder hook Rear - Pink Ice dub Body - Opal Mylar Tinsel Shoulder - Arctic fox Wing - Ostrich and Flash
  6. Gear/Technique
    Hi everyone, I just finished uploading a two-part video series on how to make a rattan grip. You can check out the series here: https://www.proofflyfishing.com/pages/how-to-make-a-rattan-grip Thanks, Matt
  7. General Forum
    Free for 72hours.
  8. Entomology
    Made this short film of the Ephemerella Ignita (BWO) this summer. English subs - just click the subs button on YouTube. Hope you'll enjoy it! Tight lines Kjell www.rakkenes.com
  9. General Forum
    Not sure if others have seen this, but thoroughly enjoyable: http://globalflyfisher.com/video/a-steelhead-quest
  10. Saltwater
    Got this video in an email I received from Aftco. Enjoy. https://aftco.com/blogs/news/migrations-part-2-snook?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=migrations2&goal=0_fb3ca825fb-4692f7dbda-51166749&mc_cid=4692f7dbda&mc_eid=0ae674893f
  11. Saltwater
    Check out this video, great saltwater action. Mems.
1-13 of 13 Results