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  1. General Forum
    For those who like to fly fish for carp, or want to learn what it looks like when a carp eats a fly, this Australian fisherman has several good videos on Youtube... I am getting itchy for spring....
  2. Gear/Technique
    So I just got my first spey setup and Ive been watching youtube videos on how to cast plus all the other good stuff. Some of them were helpful and others were a little confusing, but I was wondering if anyone had good videos on the topic that they would be willing to share. Tight lines!
  3. Entomology
    Made this short film of the Ephemerella Ignita (BWO) this summer. English subs - just click the subs button on YouTube. Hope you'll enjoy it! Tight lines Kjell www.rakkenes.com
  4. Photography / Video
    as seen can be in the Purgatory Waiting Room... The moral is: Don't go to purgatory. Be real good to each other.
  5. General Forum
    Every so often I go on You Tube and look for a good video on fishing some beautiful stream in Montana, Idaho or anywhere else that people are fly fishing. Then when I click on the video all I hear is music in the background. No sounds of nature or water, just background music. I know that it...
  6. Classifieds
    Sold Items Removed and prices updated. I'm getting ready to move and would like to NOT move these books. Many/Most are first editions, some signed by the author or other noted person. All are in Excellent condition, including most dust covers. Prices are noted to the left of the page...
  7. General Forum
    Thought it would be fun to start a chain thread to share some cool and funny photos, gifs, videos, etc., about fly fishing to lighten things up during this cold dreary winter. Would be fun to login each day to see what other crazy stuff others have posted.
1-7 of 7 Results