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  1. Classifieds
    Hi- I just got a new vise, so up for sale is my lightly used Griffin Odyssey Spider vise. Great little rotary c-clamp vise. SOLD. Please PM me with interest or questions. Thanks!
  2. Fly Tying
    Hello, I am starting to think about upgrading the vise that I'm currently using. I'm currently using a super cheap Cabela's one that I bought with the intentions of seeing if fly tying was something that I would enjoy. Now that I have figured out that this is something that I enjoy doing, I...
  3. Classifieds
    Looking for a rotary vise. If anyone has a vise sitting around collecting dust and interested in selling it please pm me with info and a picture of the vise. Thanks
  4. Fly Tying
    In case you have a fat tax return this year and want to spend an exorbitant amount on a vise, there is one listed on Ebay. I'm not affiliated with the seller but it was entertaining to read the comments he got when it was listed on another site. It's all yours for a mere $4.3k.
  5. General Forum
    Saw an HMH Spartan vise for sale in the classifieds. Been several good non-true-rotary vises there lately. Non-true-rotary vise. What a clunky name for such an elegant tool. I propose we call it a simple vise. I've owned a bunch of vises. Ended up being a Dyna-King guy. I got a Barracuda on my...
  6. Classifieds
    Bought this as my travel vise, and would work great for that purpose, but I'm just not using it. Maybe tied twenty flies on it. As new condition. $145 shipped CONUS. Thanks, MTFly
  7. Classifieds
    FS Stanfo Tube Flying Vise with Petitjean Tools. The Stanfo Vise is a Beautiful Vise that includes three different bushings with five different sized pins that will accommodate almost any tube. The Petitjean Tools include a Loop Scissors, Small Curved Tip Scissors, and a Self Threading...
  8. Classifieds
    Looking for basic fly tying tools, enough to get a newbie started in the fine art of tying… If anyone is looking to offload their vise, bobbin, whip finisher, scissors, etc. please let me know. Willing to pay a fair price. Thanks in advance!
  9. Classifieds
    Renzetti Master Vise with standard pedestal. The pedestal has some light stains from some epoxy drips, but that’s the only real blemish. SOLD
  10. Classifieds
    Hey everyone, Looking for a vise that will accomodate saltwater flies easily. Willing to tolerate almost anything and everything, just has to be in good shape. I have no experience fly tying and am hoping to use this learn. Thanks.
  11. Fly Tying
    Anyone have one of those little mesh trash collector things that mount to your vise stem? If so, how do you like it? Since I tie in the living room I'm always looking for ways to stay semi clean, and lately have looked at a few of these things. I'm a bit hesitant to buy one as I am always...
  12. Classifieds
    Dyna-king Kingfisher Flytying Vise "World's finest handcrafted flitting vises" Like new in excellent condition Stainless steel construction with pedestal base Compact, durable and very stable Notch-lock cam, famous hook holding capability and 360 degree rotation Same jaw as the Barracuda...
  13. Fly Tying
    Hello all, Curious as to recommendations for a vise that will be capable of tying SRC flies all the way up to flies for steelhead? Is there such a vise? Trying to gain knowledge and make a purchase soon. Price cap at about $350. Thank you for the help!
  14. Classifieds
    Looking to buy a rotary tying vise. Something like a Anvil Atlas or similar to that. Let me know what you got and how much.
  15. Fly Tying
    So, this vise is listed on the Umpqua website. I was told they were manufactured by HMH. And yet they have Tiemco or (TMC) stamped on the side of them. Confused? I am. Were these a one off? Did they over shoot the price point? Does anyone own or have experience tying on one of these. I had never...
  16. Fly Tying
    I've been tying for a year or so and I'm ready to upgrade from my $20 junk vise. I'm hoping a few of you more experienced tyers can help me understand the upside/downside of getting a Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise ($90) versus say, the Peak Rotary or Renzetti Traveler ($150ish). Obviously I'd like...
  17. Classifieds
    When I lived in MT I had the opportunity to watch Charlie Craven tie at an event and he mentioned at that time all he tied on was the Dyna King Supreme. Later on I ordered this vise through his shop and tied on it for a few years. The vise is in great condition with a few minor cosmetic...
  18. Classifieds
    Selling a nice Regal vise (clamp version) and 3 bobbins. Two bobbins are steel one is flared. And one griffin ceramic ends. Located in Sacramento, CA. Asking $130 for all. *** SOLD ***
  19. Classifieds
    Have you ever wanted to own a premium vise but did not want to pay the cost of one brand new? Now is your chance to buy a highy regarded true rotary vise that will hold large 10/0 saltwater hooks down to size 28 midges. The large jaws on this vise can easily hold a hook until it bends or breaks...
  20. Fly Tying
    I am "looking" at buying myself another one...and no I don't do that thing anymore though it be legal in Washington state. I am thinking about a Peak with midge jaws.About $200 plus. My question is where can I actually look at them, touch them and you know hands on...in the Portland/ Vancouver...
1-20 of 50 Results