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    I have the following for sale-all for $325 Shipped Renzetti Presentation 4000 Vise. I haven't used it in years. I bought it new. Renzetti Tool Caddy Umpqua Fly Patterns Book See Photo.
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    Consolidating some of my fly tying gear and have these two great vises up for sale. HMH Spartan Vise with HMH Bobbin Rest - $125 HMH SX Vise - $75
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    I am consolidating some of my fly fishing gear, starting with my vises. PM if you have any questions. Will ship to any where in the US at the actual shipping cost. Sold - Norvise Rotary Fly Tying Vise Setup - $200 - Sold HMH Spartan Vise with HMH Bobbin Rest - $125 HMH SX Vise - $75 Norvise...
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    [SOLD]I'm going true rotary, so this is up for sale. Built to outlast the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse (don't worry, you'll still find time to fish), it's durable, versatile, and adaptable- pedestal or clamp on. Comes with the accessory bobbin rest. Asking $75 shipped.
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    Hey all! I'm looking to get into tying after taking a few classes. If anyone is looking to unload a vise, I'd love to talk with you! Please shoot me a PM if you're looking to sell. I don't want to invest $100+ so please keep that in mind.
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    Used Regal Revolution Vise with Big Game Jaws and a Granite Base. The vise is the 540th one made. It is in excellent working order. Does show signs of use. The Granite Base is in mint condition. $350.00 plus Shipping (USPS Priority with Insurance)
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    This is a nice used vise in very good condition but I no longer use it much. In addition to the vise, there are 3 sets of jaws, a brass base, a clamp (each with the appropriate stand rod) and a tube fly jaw set. If new, the rig would cost $620. Asking $300 (PayPal) for the entire package...
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    Am a pure rookie with fly tying (don't even have a vise yet but working on it). Looking to find materials (and tools/accessories) for tying large (Salmon and steelhead) flies. Anybody want to get rid of some good quality materials (for a reasonable price)? Please contact me. Thank you
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    Am excited to get into fly tying. Mostly large salmon and steelhead flies. My dream is the regal big game but due to finances, that'll have to wait. If anyone has any vise they want to pass on (for a reasonable price), please contact me. Thank you
41-50 of 50 Results