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  1. General Forum
    Just finished reading some clickbait on FBook, and there were some claims on Sage’s warranty costs going through the roof? Any comments on anyone snapping a rod (old and new) and what they’ve been charging you? Just curious as Sage has been great over the years.
  2. Classifieds
    Selling a near mint Orvis Recon 8'6" 5wt with blank warranty card. Similar in action to the 905 Recon but a little lighter in hand and swing weight, recovers a little bit faster, and tracks just a little straighter. Fished for an afternoon and decided I want to go with something slower. Asking...
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    Yep, as the ad notes, I have a TFO TiCr-X 8 weight, 9' 4 piece, new in the bag, with unconditional lifetime warranty paperwork . When I go on trips, I bring at least two of everything "just in case"; this was my backup "just in case" rod that was never needed on a baby tarpon trip to Mexico...
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    thanks. For looking .. I purchased this and have all the paper work for the warranty ,, Made in the USA cabelas American dream 8 Wt , I just never used it and probably won't ,, only because I have 2 other 8 wts ... with warrantys .. so the rod just sits here ... maybe someone can use it...
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    thanks ,, new I purchased this last season when they were closing them out .. American made .. Lifetime warranty ,, I have the papers ... allot of rod .. I just can't use it maybe someone can .. 149. Includes shipping ..
  6. General Forum
    2 warranty items for anglers which have great customer service: 1. Scientific Anglers Magnetic Net Holder used as wading stick retainer less a year and one of the magnets fell out. Sent her out to the factory and they replaced the entire unit with a new one! 2. Dr. Slick 5" black clamps...
  7. Classifieds
    Ha guys Cabelas has LSI fly rods on sale now. $113 for single hand rods and $149 for spey/switch rods. Lifetime warranty on all Cabelas rods now. Guess Cabelas got the message about warranties on there rods. By the way my buddies who spey fish a lot said the Cabelas LSI Spey/switch rods are...
  8. General Forum
    So I snapped off the top section of the 7wt Chromer switch rod from Redington during a salt water outing and I sent her in along with the entire rod and case. Did not have proof of purchase / receipt but they said just mail it in with a warranty request form... It's over a year old so I...
1-8 of 8 Results