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  1. Watercraft
    Hi, Trying to find any reports, videos, even pictures of someone with a WM that is using the motor mount successfully. My WM raft has the anchor mount and I'm ordering some other items from BSI so wondering if I should toss in the motor mount to leverage the shipping or not. Only use case I...
  2. Lakes
    Anyone used a set up from FishFinderMount.com on a Water Master or Water Strider kick raft? Thanks. Cheers, Bryan Portland, OR
  3. Classifieds
    Looking to buy an attachable boat bottom for a Water Master Kodiak raft for upcoming striper season. Thank you! Squish
  4. Classifieds
    Looking for a needle in a haystack, AKA, used Water Master raft someone's willing to sell. First preference would be a Grizzly, but I'd take either Grizzly or Kodiak used in good condition at a fair price. Thanks
  5. Classifieds
    This is a unique boat I had custom made by the folks at Alpacka Raft in Colorado. The design is an Alpacka Scout meets a Water Master! The final weght is just 5 lbs, packs tiny, fishes great, tough as nails. The tubes are the same material and design at the best selling Scout...
  6. Watercraft
    Hi all-- I have just purchased a Water Master Grizzly. The excellent discussions on this forum about the pros and cons of various personal watercraft were extremely helpful as I made my choice. I think a growing number of anglers out here in New England are seeing the advantages of the Water...
  7. Watercraft
    Hi all. I'm new to the forum. This may have been discussed before but I cannot find any direct comments on the pros and cons between Water Master and Water Strider kickboats. I'm based in New Zealand so from a cost perspective the Water Strider is the better option as it is manufactured in...
1-7 of 7 Results