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    I bought this line last season and never used it. Spooled it up and it just sat. $75 OBO plus cost of shipping or local pickup in Bellingham
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    I am offering 3 each Fly Lines, all WF-7-F, Backing, and Braided/Furled Leaders sold as a Package: - 1 each RIO Windcutter II in Like New condition, with over 100 yards of 20 lb. backing attached; - 1 each RIO The Clouser in Like New condition, with at least 50 yards of 20 lb. backing...
  3. Classifieds
    I'll be fishing this on my 8 weight Redington Predator for Carp, Bass, Pike, maybe muskie. So turning over big flies with wind is necessary. Thanks, Nick
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    I have a 2001 Clackacraft for sale. Its a 16' weight forward fly fishing model. Color is green and tan. Comes with a zieman trailer with new tires. Also comes with; front and rear anchor system, new rowers seat, new front and real seat covers, extra lead anchor, new Clackacraft cover ($650 new)...
  5. General Forum
    While currently in Maine preparing for the drive across the continent to WA (July 7) I was contemplating fly lines. I know, big thinker, right? Kant and Heidegger can only get you so far when applied to fly fishing. You folks on WFF are into different fly lines and specialty ones to boot. Here...
1-5 of 5 Results