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  1. General Forum
    I had a nice ebay score in the form of a rod show up last night, and today is the last day for a lot of the local waters, so I decided I should tell my boss to shove it and I headed for the hills. Glassy: With the lack of wind I was able to spend most of the day sight fishing in the shallows...
  2. General Forum
    I can land a 2 lb trout on a 4 or 5 weight rod without much trouble, and I doubt it'll take more than a few minutes to land it. A 2 lb bonefish, on the other hand, will still pull into my backing on an 8 weight rod. Everything in or from the ocean seems to be considerably stronger than...
  3. General Forum
    Not "dry flies" like we are all used to, although I could argue that in some cases them too. I'm talking sliders, poppers, wakers, and any other form of "aggressive topwater." I look at forums, especially saltwater, and see "hook up ratio of 40%" and the like, which seems pretty good from...
  4. Conservation
    From Outside Magazine: There are 137 large wildfires raging across 7.8 million acres in what might be the worst fire season ever Today's wildfire-caused smoke conditions across North America. (EPA) Wes Siler Wes Siler Sep 11, 2017 there are 137 large wildfires currently raging across the...
  5. Saltwater
    So, I'm looking for some advice after a semi-frustrating experience this morning. I was out fishing from my paddleboard a good ways off the beach and there were quite a few salmon around, I saw a number of fish jump or roll close to me, nice-sized fish too not just shakers (although plenty of...
  6. Bamboo, Fiberglass & Classic Reels
    Curious if there is something about the material properties or any other reason so many fiberglass fly rods are sold in 3-piece configurations, while graphite rods are usually either 2 piece or 4 piece. jay
  7. Saltwater
    the night before.....where the hell did I put all my SW flies? Would have been sad AM on the beach if I had not checked.
    i why
  8. Conservation
    Banned chemicals from the 70s found in the deepest reaches of the ocean Date: February 13, 2017 Source: Newcastle University Summary: Crustaceans from the deepest ocean trenches found to contain ten times the level of industrial pollution than the average earthworm, scientists have shown. A...
  9. General Forum
    This was just too awesome not to share.
  10. Saltwater
    Why don't more folks use landing nets for SRC in the salt???? Thoughts???? It seems that "grab the tippet and let the fish bounce around in my lap for 30 seconds" is a very common way to deal with SRC these days.... eye witness accounts mostly... thanks in advance
  11. General Forum
    By the way, is it dilemna or dilemma? Stumped here. So, I'm in Paris and catching a flight to Seattle tomorrow. Last time I was here I bought a 16 year Balvenie from duty free. I also like a nice pinot noir from time to time. Should I buy wine or whiskey tomorrow? I'm torn, because winter...
  12. Lakes
    For years, Pass Lake used to be a super place to catch and release fish year round! But these days, seems no one is fishing it? The State Fish and Game has eliminated stocking it with catchable trout! The few times I have been on the lake, the only ones catching trout are the eagles. I...
1-13 of 14 Results