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    Looking to purchase a reel for my new 9' 5wt EDGE rod. Wanting to buy used and recycle some older gear. I would prefer a disk drag, but would consider click and pawl. Must be a quality machined reel and have an extra spool or new enough that spools are still available. Interested in Ross, abel...
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    Hello, I am interested in purchasing the Winston XTR boron 9ft 3pc 6wt fly rod. If you have one to sell, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!
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    I am looking for a Gloomis NRX or Cross current. 9' 11 or 12 weight 4pcs. Prefer local Thanks
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    Hi. I’m a Norwegian fly fisherman and was recommended this forum. I’m looking for a Thomas & Thomas paradigm 905 (#5). I will of course pay for shipping. Lars L
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    WTB API Steelhead One Pliers
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    Looking for a WF8F Scientific Anglers Anadro fly line. Please send me a PM with price and condition if you have one you will sell.
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    Looking to purchase a winston micro spey 4wt
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    Hello, I'm new to the site. I have been cruising around casually for a while and finally joined. I am looking for a 3 or 4 weight Thomas & Thomas Heirloom rod. Any length is fine. Please let me know what you have and what you want for it. After years of fishing the faster graphite rods for...
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    Had a last minute trip pop up and need a spare reel for an 8 wt glx crosscurrent. Please let me know what you have (Tibor, Abel, Islander, or similar). Budget is around $350. Only condition is I need to receive this reel by Wednesday or Thursday - so it would have to go out Monday priority...
  10. Photography / Video
    Looking for a Sony a6000 body or possibly with a lens. Being the horse trader that I am I have a couple of items that I would consider for trade. Beaver and seal fur mittens professionally made. Sterling silver mammoth tusk belt buckle and bracelet. Email me at [email protected]
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    I had one of these many years ago and sold it. Would love to find its replacement. It's a 7'6", 4 weight in a 3 piece configuration. There are a lot of other versions and I am only really interested in this particular model. Thanks!
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    Just as the title says , looking for a Rage 390
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    Looking for a used Meiser Highlander Classic Series: S2H15946C-5 15' 9" 4/5/6
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    Hello. I'm looking to try an Anderson ACR single hand rod. Particularly a 6 or 8/9 weight. Does anyone have one they are interested in selling? Please email me at ts_jung(at)hotmail.com Thanks. Tom
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    Looking for a Lamson Liquid or Remix 1.5 3 pack. Thanks
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    WTB CND GPS LINE 4/5=355GRNS 50'
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    Looking for a Freestone in decent condition. Anyone have one laying around?
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    Looking for WF6F line. Sharwave GPX. Or something similar . Thanks
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    Hey All, As the title states... Anybody have one available ? Thanks Scott
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    Interested in a CT 2-wt 7' 6'' . Thanks. Rox
1-20 of 122 Results