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    Chartreuse and blue line Taper 25’, running 65’, 400 grains. Line has been lightly used. Great for 7wt or 8wt switch rod. $50 includes shipping to lower 48.
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    These are the full lines @ 90 ft. (1) 8 weight @ 290 grains, 20 ft. head x 70 ft. running line Used for one day. $45 shipped (1) 8.5 weight @ 325 grains, 25 ft. head x 65 ft. running line BNIB, $65 shipped Buy both for $100 shipped Thanks for looking, Rod
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    Salt Water Tropic Blue F/S 9 weight. Used 2x. Excellent condition. 105 feet. Mono tip is 12 feet. $ 35.00
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    This line has been sold and unsold three times now. It seems to want to stay with me but, I really don't have a use for it. Sold, paid and shipped Best contact [email protected] Thanks, Mark
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    Lamson Remix 3.5-3pack with case, unknown amount of 30 backing, test cast, never fished sold Wulff Ambush 9wt/350gr, light use sold SA Streamer Express Int, 350gr, been on a spool, never been fished, no loops sold Rio Outbound Short WF9I/S3, been on spool, never fished $45 shipped SA...
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    Triangle Taper Salt Water Tropic Blue 9 F/S Bermuda Lost Tip. Used 2 times. Excellent condition. 12 foot Mono Tip. 30 foot Taper. 75 Foot running line. $ 35.00
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    RW SWTB 9 F/S (Salt Water Tropic Blue) Lost Tip 30 Foot Taper. Used Once. Excellent condition. In the box. $ 45.00 Built to withstand the wilting heat of tropical flats and blistering decks, this line will continue to cast like a rocket when the others have folded up. That's because we build...
  8. General Forum
    With the posting of the Lefty Kreh letter topic, a few days ago, I thought I'd look up another legendary flyfisherman and see how she was doing. The great Joan Wulff, partner of the legendary Lee Wulff. Great article on her as she approaches 90 years old, and how she has been a huge part of...
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    Looking for a 5 wt. Wulff Ambush clear Intermediate. Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks!
  10. Fly Tying
    Found this piece of meat on the Evening Hatch site. Original called for moose body hair for the wing; the deer I had is very close in color and a hell of a lot easier to work with for this application. hook - TMC 5212 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 brown tail - red fox tail rib - Uni-stretch yellow...
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    I have a royal wulff ambush fly line in 7 weight fished 2 times. It's a little heavy for my taste. Box included. 45.00 shipped. Would trade for a SA sbt or mpx 7 weight in similar condition.,SOLD
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    I'm looking for a drab colored Wulff triangle taper (TT) in 5 weight. Let me know if you have one in excellent condition. Thanks! -Adam
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    I'm looking for the following: Bermuda Triangle Taper - Floating 8wt 9wt 10wt 11wt If you have any of these sizes in "floating only" collecting dust, please post condition and price. Thank you, Bob
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    Looking for teeny 130 and a Joan wulff signature triangle taper 3wt in excellent shape... anyone have one laying around that needs to be fished?
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    I want to try out a couple lines, anyone have a lightly used Wulff Triangle Taper in 4 or 5wt or a Joan Wulff Signature in 5wt that they don't use?
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    Hi guys, I'm looking for a Royal Wulff Long belly line in a 3 weight. Thanks!
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    Anyone got an 8wt Ambush line laying around that they'd like to sell?
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    I have 2 Wulff TT Ambush fill lines for sale. Both were loaded on reels and cast for about 30 minutes. TT8 - 290 gr. head TT9 - 350 gr. head Great lines for single-hand, switch, and light spey rods. $50 each and I cover shipping in the lower 48.
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    Yep, a new in the box Wulff Triangle Taper Plus line, new in the box, the TTP7F line. Retail is $75, yours for $45 shipped in the lower 48. From the web: A modern upgrade to the classic Triangle Taper Flyline. An all purpose line combines a western style half size heavier head with the roll...
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    If anyone has a Wulff Ambush 4wt line in lightly used condition for sale, please contact me. thanks!! Todd
1-20 of 26 Results