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    Gonna fish some colder water, looking for some under-wader bibs. Open to what you Have! Fish on!
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    <<< SOLD >>> BOOTS Still available, but I'll post 'em separately soon. I had these XXL Simms Headwaters Pro Goretex waders for about two years (last generation's model) and they suited me just fine until this spring when I noticed the first tiny leak. I sent them back to Simms and they...
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    Coat in black and vest in grey. Both in excellent condition. Coat $100 Vest $70 Both prices shipped. Venmo preferred, PayPal ok. Pictures attached. Thanks, Adrian 206-321-1847
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    Buyer backed out. Brand new with tags. $275.00 shipped. Thank you
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    Brand spanking new. Size XXL. $100 + shipping
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    I have a pair of not-often used XXL Force Fins- if you've ever tried these, it's unbelievable how much thrust they produce with so little drag- kick all day and not get tired. These fit my size 13 wading boot great, and can adjust down quite a bit. I'm throwing in a spare Watermaster...
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    Brand new without tags, unless I figure out where I put them. Current price is $449.99. Asking $300 plus $10 to ship. I will take care of PayPal fees. Thanks.
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    Got a couple shirts for Christmas that don't quite fit. Brand new with tags. Black's Ford Flannel Shirt in Ruby Plaid. XXL. Retails for $79.95. Selling for $55.00. Confluence Reversible Shirt Jacket. Navy/Olive. XXL. Currently on sale on Simms site for $90.97. Selling for $65.00. Will...
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    For sale is a brand-new Simms Freestone Vest size XXL with tags still attached. I have completely gone to packs and this fine, lightweight vest is just hanging in the closet and needs to be put to good use. Price: $58.00 shipped anywhere in the USA. Will ship elsewhere for actual shipping...
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    Literally worked my a55 off. Recently lost a bunch of weight, and these are way too big for me know. Would feel safer in a Large. I probably should've bought a XL to begin with, but oh well. Maybe you've got a size Large Simms G3 (or similar) Goretex wader that's a bit snug? If so, lets...
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    Excellent condition: $50 plus shipping, CONUS or pick up in Kirkland.
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    These Force Fins are in excellent condition. If they are worn over the neoprene boot of stockingfoot waders (or over neoprene socks), they should fit anyone who wears a (U.S.) a men's shoe size 10.5 and up). However, they should be tried on (over whatever you will be wearing when using them) in...
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    I have a brand new set of the G3 waders that I bought as a backup to my G4 set. Since it appears Simms is bombproof, they have been hanging for the last six months and are not likely to be used for some time. Might as well move them along. They do not have a box but do come with the wading...
1-13 of 13 Results