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  1. Trip Reports
    My family went to NZ for a few weeks over the summer and I got a chance to go on a tributary of Lake Taupo, one of the few worthwhile fisheries down there during their winter. These fish were moving up to spawn and were stacked thick in the moving water but were very difficult to hook. This is...
  2. General Forum
    The wife and I are headed for New Zealand on March 3rd - 29th and I plan to bring along a fly rod. I'm told they don't have particularly large numbers of fish, but they have big ones. Having never been there it will be a new adventure. I will be bringing in minimal equipment because of limited...
  3. Boyle1

    6 pound NZ brown. Boyle River, Canterbury, South Island. Caught on a heavy caddis nymph after changing the nymph 7 times.
  4. Cliff Pool, Tauranga Taupo

    Wading the cliff pool at sunrise on the Tauranga Taupo River in New Zealand.
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1-20 of 28 Results