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    I picked up a Radian and now have too many 5 weights. This rod is in excellent condition. I've fished it probably a dozen times. There is some minor soiling of the cork but the blank is spotless. I'd like $375 shipped conusa. Thanks, Jon
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    I sent the top 2 pieces of my Hardy Zenith in for repair awhile back and due to the wait time they sent me a Zephrus. After testing the new rod out a few times I have come to the conclusion that I liked the Zenith more. However, I contacted hardy and they stated they won't sell me the top...
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    I just picked up a Radian and have too many 5 weights. My rod is in excellent condition and has probably been fished about a dozen times. $425 shipped conusa
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    would like to free up some space and goodwill with the wife...pics for any rod can be sent if you send me your email....no stories or issues with any of them, the xi3 is the one with a couple scuffs on the blank and some wear. sage xi3 9' #9 4pc - good condition - $old hardy glass "trout...
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    Zenith Sintrix in excellent condition. WTT for 9'5 weight Radian or NRX LP NRX 9' 6 weight grey w/ blue wraps in excellent condition WTT Radian 9' 6 weight or 7 weight
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    Looking for any weight other than a 7 wt, which I already have. Please send me a pm if you have one to sell.
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    Selling my 9' five weight Hardy Zenith for $400. Excellent for delicately casting dries with a beautiful presentation, as well as having enough backbone to deliver appropriately sized streamers. This might be my most favorite dry fly rod ever, but have to thin out my quiver. This Zenith is in...
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    all are as new, fished one day, come with all tags/box/papers as appropriate with one exception - the reels are missing the idaho stickers. Great rod for streamers and lighter salmon or larger srcs. I'm on the east coast, so for pretty much all freshwater streamer work around here I'm using a...
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    Looking for a Hardy Zenith in a 5wt
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    looking for a new/used zenith Jake---- [email protected]
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    Hardy Zenith 10' 6wt Looking to trade for a 7 or 8wt Scott radian Or $425.00 shipped
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    Mine got swiped on a connecting flight out of Denver on Feb. 15, 2017:(
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    Looking for either a Sage One or Hardy Zenith 9-0, 5 weight. Merry Christmas to me?
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    here are the gaps....can probably afford to fill one right now so hopefully I can do so here....sold my ross switch rod and a hardy reel...new toys are better when better half approved, and since a rod left the house (very demonstrably i might add)...i can buy without fear of wrath...(for those...
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    Looking for a new or slightly used one if anyone has one or knows where to get one... Thanks!
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    Brand new with sock, Metal tube and tube sock. Never fished. $400
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    WTT: Hardy Zenith 9' 5wt as new condition, never registered for a Sage One 9' 4wt, what cha got? Or a Sage Z-Axis 691-4
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    Interested in purchasing a Hardy Zenith 490-4 rod. Please PM me if you have one your interested in selling.
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    looking for a 10' #4 zenith, would prefer wood reel seat but won't say not to a skeleton at the right price. would also be interested in a 10' #4 winston B3X
1-20 of 23 Results