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I've spent a lot of hours in a 10' John Boat, although the make wasn't Lund. Several family members have had them over the years, I've borrowed my parents' at length.

I love it because it's so portable and takes almost no water to float. And yes - it easily accommodates two. We've taken three on many instances, I think it's rated for up to 3 passengers. However, even two people standing up might be a little shakey. We always try to stay seated, but for fly casting, it can be tough. I used to fish in one with a guy and he'd put a piece of plywood over the front seat and bow to make a platform, worked great! However, the person in the back is still seated.

All I use to push it is a little trolling motor or 6' oars. It's been fine except for one very windy day when me oaring and the motor (after a long day of driving against the wind) couldn't make any headway. Fortunately, a kind soul with more motor towed me in.

It so happens that I just got a little 10-footer for free that has some pretty bad holes, I'm in the process of repairing them. Can't wait to get the project finished so I can be on the water with it!

Since it's under 16', you don't even have to register it unless you put on a motor and take it into Federally regulated waters. :professor

Good luck!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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