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Went out yesterday and fished about 4 hours. The day started great, everyone seemed in a good mood before I left-wife, kids, people at work-probably was just me because I was going fishing. Did the spey thing at Ringold for a few hours. Started with a bit of a breeze from my right, but managed not to hit myself, though I ducked a few times. Had one grab, took about 12 inches of line, but like an idiot I yanked it away from the fish. But a good day overall. Got home, and found a box from Poppy at Red Shed that had my new reel and line for my switch I just built. He is giving me a week to try it out. Then my wife says there is a box on the front porch, and there is a new pair of Orvis Waders to replace the ones that leaked. They repaired them once, but they leaked again within a month, so they sent me this new pair. Thank you Orvis.

So the karma was there for today so I headed back out to Ringold. I messed around with the switch for awhile. It is the Batson 5 weight that I just finished. Poppy sent me the 7 weight Ambush line. I nymphed and swung with it and it performed quite well. Unable to shoot out as much as I would like on the spey casting but I suspect that will come with practice. It overhead cast very well, though I would consider the action to be quite slow.

After messing around I got out the spey and it was not long before I was into a fish. Bonk, it looks like dinner tomorrow night. After changing flies, I was feeling like it was about time to head out, when I saw a steelie come to the surface. I was swinging a couple of nymphs at the time and worked into that area, but no luck. I said to myself, 5 more casts. On the third cast I had a wondrous tug, and I held off waiting for the hookup, but nada. After another 30 casts I called it a day. Another good day, 50 degrees, little breeze and one fish for dinner. The only bummer has been the two cuts to my hand while fileting. No stitches needed though.

Here's hoping the weather stays nice, the river flows stay down, and the fishing stays good.:beer2:


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Awesome report Wayne. I love how that last tug five casts before you called it a day earned you thirty more casts! Seems like you have a lot of good mojo going for sure.
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