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2 days in a row??????

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Up is down. Black is white. Day is night. The earth may reverse on it's axis. Fish 2 days in a row!!! Munn Lk. 1 for 3. First was LDRd, probably 10-12". Got it on a Carey Special. Next one came to the net on a small soft hackle. 8-10 ". Then I had a big boy wallop the same soft hackle. Bent the shit out of my 7wt. I fought him for a little bit, and then he ran under my boat and popped off. I looked at the fly, and the bastard straightened out a Daiichi hook. Biiiiiiiiiiig boy. Yessir. I'm taking both boys fishing all day on Sat. Life is good.
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Thad, c'mon up for a few days of lake fishing.
Ed, name the time and place. The boys and I are in!
Mike, same to you. Come slum it in the 360!
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