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I just returned from nearly 2 months in the Alaska bush near the Yukon border where I was cooking for a fly-in hunting camp.

I flew into camp in a Super Cub over some really great looking land.

The all-cabin camp looks a bit like a small village.

We used All-terrain Argos to move hunters, gear, firewood, and supplies around.

Some hunters used horses and mules, most hunted out of spike camps.

At times I was just cooking for 6-8 people. Other times I had 15 or so at the table.

I baked north of 175 loaves of bread, ~3,000 cookies, and lots of pies, cobblers, and these pastries from fresh picked blueberries which were everywhere.

It was a great kitchen/mess area.

I also cooked up a lot of dall sheep and moose. The harvested meat went to a native village that will sustain them through the winter.

I did get in a little fishing for Arctic Grayling, but there were so many and they were so easy to catch, it got pretty boring.


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I cooked everything from moose tenderloins (which are bigger than a steer's), to lasagna, jambalaya, sweet-sour pork, pork tenderloin, and beef stroganoff with fettuccine I made in camp.

But I think the fresh bread every day was what people talked about most.

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This is a dream of mine. You've living it. Congrats. Looks very fulfilling. Thanks for sharing.
Its one hellova lot of work. Some days are really long. Its not something I'd want to do full time, but for a few months out of the year it's great.

I really like being off the grid (especially during an election year), I like being in wild places, and I like cooking things I can't get at home like dall sheep and moose in the fall and fresh crab in the spring.

The downside is sometimes sleep is scarce, and when I'm out there, none of my home projects get done.

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Outstanding, thank you. Best meat I ever ate was Dall Sheep backstrap, literally melts in your mouth.
I slow cooked a sheep roast, sliced it, made some gravy with the drippings for the mashed potatoes, corn, slaw, herb bread, supper with blueberry pie for dessert.

I think some people liked it better than the tenderloin steaks I cooked to a medium rare.

I got more than a few marriage proposals . . . :rolleyes:

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That is a great place to be in an election year. Thanks for sharing.
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