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I am thinking a swap of 10 people total. This will be for sea run cutthroat saltwater flies. I know everyone likes the chum fry imitators but you can not tie them in this swap. I will be tying a rubber leg shrimp. Let me know if you are in and what you are tying. The due date is april 15th no exceptions.

1. Clint F- rubber leg shrimp Done
3. Richard Torres- reverse Knudsen Recieved
4. hendersonbaylocal- Recieved
5. steve saville- Recieved
6. MtnWkr- Dry Fly Larry's Popsicles Recieved
7. TD-Ferguson's Green & Silver- Recieved
8. steeli- Rolled Muddler or Professor Recieved
9. Ron McNeal- Gurgler- Recieved
10. Annie Rutherford - Recieved


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Clint, I'm in. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to tie yet but will put something together soon.
i'm thinking of a miniature spider of some sort...
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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