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2010 sea run cutthroat swap

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I am thinking a swap of 10 people total. This will be for sea run cutthroat saltwater flies. I know everyone likes the chum fry imitators but you can not tie them in this swap. I will be tying a rubber leg shrimp. Let me know if you are in and what you are tying. The due date is april 15th no exceptions.

1. Clint F- rubber leg shrimp Done
3. Richard Torres- reverse Knudsen Recieved
4. hendersonbaylocal- Recieved
5. steve saville- Recieved
6. MtnWkr- Dry Fly Larry's Popsicles Recieved
7. TD-Ferguson's Green & Silver- Recieved
8. steeli- Rolled Muddler or Professor Recieved
9. Ron McNeal- Gurgler- Recieved
10. Annie Rutherford - Recieved

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Clint, I'm in. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to tie yet but will put something together soon.
i'm thinking of a miniature spider of some sort...
Kelvin I am sorry but no chum fry imitations.

Count me in Clint!
I''ll get back to you on my pattern..
How about a reverse Knudsen?
Richard, that sounds great.

I'm in too... I'll tie up some of Dry Fly Larry's Popsicles.
I'd like to join with a Ferguson's Green & Silver.
You can count me.
It's been quite a few years since fishing for cutts up in the B.C. salt.
I'll tie one of two old standby's there; either a Rolled Muddler or Professor.
I have no idea what the fly is called but I'll post pic when I get one tied. It works well, however.
Sounds good everyone. Just a reminder to send return postage. Pre paid envelope is best. We have room for 2 more tiers.

Sounds good Ron. We have room for 1 more.

Ok, We have all the spots filled. Let me know when you need my address.

Thank you Ron. We will all keep up to date with one another and get our flies in on time to keep this a nice smooth swap. Thank you to everyone who joined. I look forward to seeing the flies.

To clarify - With 10 tyers do we provide 9 flies (10 minus ourself) or 10?
Ok. It sounds like 2 of you are done. I cant wait to see them. To clarify you only need 9 to qualify but I wont turn down more. Again just let me know when you need my address.

1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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