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The big leak!
It was my original intention to float/flyrod down a remote river in southwestern Ak that supported andromedus and resident fish which had little if any previous fishing pressure. The river I picked was narrowed after considerable research. The problem was, as could be suspected; time and $$.
The Kisaralik is about 100 mi. from lake outlet to mouth near Bethel.
The cost for floatplane dropoff and motorboat pickup about 800 pp.
The roundtrip airfare to bethel from Detriot would be insanely cheap for my cousin (he is a great oarsman and flyfisherman)and literally free for me. (Ya, 15 year airline tech).
Not to mention 10 days minimum to float.
Too much!!
Since then (1999) my cousin and I picked cheaper adventures in ak.

Lake Creek is about 74 air miles north of lake hood in anchorage, 54 miles long, gin clear glacier fed, lake filtered, class I-III,all 5 species of salmon, giant bow's 22" grayling, 5-7 days to float, floatplane $500 pp r/t.
We used to sleep on the ground, but now pack nice aluminum cots. Easy on the bones.
We camp,cook sleep,fish,laugh,eat,drink,sleep,fish,eat,float,and doit again and again.
Today the trip would be around 1000 byob.
I bought a 78 jeep cherokee in anchorage for 200 still runs today after about 600 more though. (its at a buddy's cabin in funny river right now), perfect ak fish-mobile 4x4.
We rent 16' aire cats from Alaska Raft and Kayak, about 90 per day now, and they deliver/pickup at the docks. tooo much!
Thats why my next retro check will be a new breakdown cat frame from Down River Equipment.
We have stayed at a few anchorage motels too. The long-house on wisconsin st is our current favorite (cheaper than most).
Stay out of los anchorage if at all possible though. Unless you like fishing less and fussing more.
Last summer we just stayed down on the kenai drove all over and floated the kenai r. 3 times.
Stayed at the grayling area on the russian r. campground. Pitched our tents right on the driveways.
that was a cheap trip.
We have always been self-guided with lots of prior research and experiences
Someday the kisaralik will be attainable though.
E-me for details on Ak. do-it yourself, or any sponsor/participants out there?

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This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

The big leak!
Wow 14 years and no summers??
Your employer needs to insource or upsize, I'm guessing.
Is that normal?
Wish I could help.
You have all the right resources exept that.
I too dig cats. 4 times in the bush on rivers, summer only.
Well even long weekends could be the trick in july?!
I've done it!
Takes careful planning and a guy with your connections could do it.
How long is the longest piece of your biggest cat frame?
How much does the whole package weigh soaking wet?
Do your AK pilot freinds tell you about any nice open rivers after Sept.
With the warmer weather patterns like this year, rivers might be runnable late fall there?
I like sotar tubes whats your opinion?
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