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4 Pole Dancer (topwater) And 11 Airhead Patterns For Sale

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New and never fished Pole Dancers and Airheads for sale.

Sold together only. Full retail for all patterns is approximately $160.

For sale: $85 includes USPS CONUS and PayPal.

Large Rainbow Trout Airhead is approx. 8" in length....... (Airheads List Price at $9 ea)

The Pole Dancers are the 1/0 size (Medium) of the three sizes available. (List Price $15 ea)

Pole Dancers are the top "walk the dog" topwater pattern on the market at this time. Best fished with a Rio Outbound Short floating line using #8 or #9 rods, including the Sage LMB rod.

Airheads are fished all kinds of ways from just under the surface using Intermediate lines or with heavy T-14.

A perfect pack of patterns for many locations near and far.......

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