Hello.... I'm selling a handful of rods from my Method collection. Hate to do it, but I'm in between jobs and need thin the herd a little.

I have (4) Methods for sale on eBay, with full descriptions of each rod's condition. I can sell them cheaper here (no eBay fees) and include shipping for free:

Method 590-4 5wt: $675.00
Sage Method 590-4 5wt Fly Rod, Excellent Condition - Unregistered | eBay

Method 990-4 9wt: $625.00
Sage Method 990-4 9wt Fly Rod, Very Good Condition | eBay

Method 1190-4 11wt: $795.00
Never Fished-Sage Method 1190-4 11wt Fly Rod, Excellent Condition/Unregistered | eBay

Method 6119-4 6wt Switch: $725.00
Sage Method 6119-4 6wt Switch Rod - Excellent Used Condition | eBay

If you have any questions, just DM me.
Thnks for looking.
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