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7/1 Cedar Report

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Took a little time off work last evening and hit the cedar with a good buddy of mine. We started out on the upper river section by the kayak course and made a long walk of it just talking and bullshitting. Before we knew it we had walked a good hour and remember that we were there to fish and not just bullshit.

We hacked through some brush to get to a section of water that looked difficult to access. This has been my key for success in fly fishing. If the fish have seen another fly in the past week - then I'm not catching them. I need stupid hungry trout to be successful. When we got down to the water, it didn't look like much was happening so we lit up a couple cigars and just sat around admiring how gorgeous the braided water was. We're pretty lucky to have this river in our relative backyard.

It pays to sit for a while. We observed a number of hatches peeling off the water and also spotted a couple fish rising. I saw my first Green Drake of the year. They're build like little tanks! I tied on a #12 green stimulator with a #16 parachute adams. This is my super secret fly patter match-up that I've spent countless hours in the labratory perfecting. Please DO NOT share this secret with anyone as I feel as though it is my life's work! :rofl:

We were immediately into some fish. One after the other for a good 45 minutes. Not too big, but big enough to get some kicks out of it. The fish were absolutely picky about the presentation. If the presentation was off AT ALL they would get spooked and I would have to let the run chill out for a while. I also found that most of the hits came off drifts that were about 3 inches away from the bank. Needless to say - I lost a couple good fluys out there - may they RIP.

Have fun out there.
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Hey man,
Nice report. I've also witnessed a green drake hatch on the cedar recently - from 3:30 - 5:00 the trout were absolutely slaying these giant flies on the surface, it was awsome and it brought some of the better fish up. I went the following day at the same time and they didn't come off so I think the hatch is kinda sporadic unfortunately.
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