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8 Weight Switch Lines

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I have a beaulah 11 foot 8 weight switch. What line weight and make of line are you guys using on this set up? Thanks
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I have the Beulah platinum 8 wt 11 ft... I liked a 450 skagit switch with monic running line (the green diameter).
There are a number of setups that will work well on that rod. In order to help we need the answers to a few questions...

1. What are you fishing for?

2. How do you want to fish for them? Nymph, Swing, etc.

3. Describe the size of river you will be fishing and its general characteristics. Freestone, bedrock, etc.

4. Finally how do you enjoy fishing. As in what setup makes you happy.
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U want to put a 1000$ reel on a 300$ rod made from Korean blanks ?
Nope I also have a Sage Method
I love Nextcasts WA and FF35s. I Fish the 450gr on my 8110-4 Z-Axis.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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