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Turns out, my son was able to go fishing last night, so, as much as I wanted to head to one of my favorite creeks, thought it best to go where the casting was easier. As much as it pains me, he's still a novice at fly fishing; sports (which he's pretty good at) have always got in the way of fishing and hunting seasons with him.

Anyway, since he's still on the learning curve for casting, wanted to go where there wasn't much for brush. He didn't catch any. We're going back tomorrow night and I'm playing guide...He'll catch fish if it kills me.

It was also one of those evenings where it seems like I was tying knots every other cast...But, thought I'd post a few of mine from last night...

First one...

Vertebrate Sky Salmon-like fish Cloud Fish

Temps have cooled pretty dramatically, which has made August much better so far than July...

Water Fish Terrestrial plant Marine biology Salmon-like fish

Didn't mean to do this, but that's my son casting an old RPL in the background...

Sky Cloud Water Vertebrate Salmon-like fish

Largest of the evening...

Salmon-like fish Oncorhynchus Organism Fish Marine biology

Water Underwater Fish Marine biology Fin

And a couple to close it all out...(Weird: There's a little blood on my net; he was bleeding when I grabbed him to get the fly out...And, it was squarely in the corner of his jaw, not gills...Swam away fine, but I don't recall seeing a fish bleed like that from the mouth before)

Water Organism Fish Terrestrial plant Marine biology

Last of the night...

Vertebrate Salmon-like fish Organism Fish Fisherman

And a nice sunset to end by...

Cloud Water Sky Atmosphere Natural landscape

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Keep at it, it will all come together for him. My grandsons are busy on the ranch with chores, caring for and showing cattle and myriad other activities. One benefit is the 14-year old is going to be a certified welder in about 6 weeks. This has cut into their fishing time with me and when they fish without me they've been using hardware mostly. This past June I took the 14 yr. old to Alaska and BC and except for one day on the Kenai he fished plugs and spinners with good results. He just had more confidence with them and we did replace the treble hooks with single barbless. Last lake we fished in BC was fly-only, catch & release so he had no choice. First day he trolled and wind drifted with a Rio OBS and BH wooly bugger and did well, the light came on and second day there was a nice hatch of small sedge so I set him up with the Redington CT in an eight foot four weight; he slayed them and never looked back. Just takes some confidence in the method. He's now asking me what kind of outfit I should get him for his birthday in September. Important part is you're spending quality time with him.
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