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OK, I stirred up a little fervor with my perhaps incorrect info about the Elhwa. Like I posted in the other thread, I will reach out to the fisheries department on Monday and confirm. It makes logical sense to me that this information is not correct because I too agree this would be very big news. That said, my wife and I have arranged to leave all of our daily responsibilities behind for several days and try to re-create the magic of our Elwha trip in 2011. The plan is the weekend of 17 September ... I have been doing some research, and I got some suggestions via the other thread from another member here which included hiking the upper Bogie. Hoping someone out there has some experience on that particular hike and how productive that fishing is in September? And also any other recommendations for something that might mimic that beautiful four day experience we had. My wife's goal is a beautiful hike and a decent camp, mine is to catch trout. Help us meet in the middle . If your preference is private message that's fine as well anything mentioned to me in private will stay that way.

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