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#16 DaiRiki 125, snelled to a tippet. Bead goes between hook eye and the back side of the diving bill.
Diving bill comes from a Costco Tomato container, roughed up with sand paper at appropriate spots.
Body is closed-cell foam, coated with thinned-out water-based fabric cement, after attaching tail.
Hook-keeper loop is flat waxed nylon, knotted around a fat needle and then soaked in fabric cement.
Body is built on a #15 beading needle and then taken off the needle prior to gluing (with ZapCA) onto the diving bill.
Tail is marabou.

Drives fish absolutely crazy. They will refuse multiple times: swirl out for sniff, zoom back into hiding,
come back out, refuse, hide, sniff, refuse, hide and then BAM.
Bigger wigglers are easier to make, but not nearly as effective as the mini-wrigglers, for some reason.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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