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That would be pretty cool. It would be nice to visually enjoy each others' good times on the water online. Sometime's a picture is worth a 1000 words. I wish I had a picture of the expression on my face when I managed to hook a hard-earned steelhead last week, only to end up with the line wrapped around both arms and my neck. By some small miracle I landed the fish but I got quite a few laughs out of my friend in the process. I guess that's what happens when you hook a surprise fish in a distant lie and panic while trying to take up what seems like miles of slack line as he quickly swims toward you. :THUMBSUP

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That would be awsome to have a section for photo's. I think thats
a great idea and I am all for it. I don't have a digital camera so i don't know if i would be able to post photo's but i would enjoy seeing some of the fish that have been caught by the members on this web site.GREAT IDEA CHRIS. :THUMBSUP

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In fact, I'm looking at a photo as we speak
of about a 26" rainbow laying nest to my fly rod
at Rocky Ford. Also, several photos of slightly lesser fish.
All carefully nursed back to health. Very important at Rocky Ford
and anywhere, to properly nurse until you KNOW the fish is ready to go.
At rocky ford I've been especially pissed off watching people
release soon to be "floaters" out of total ignorance.
I know they think they are doing right...getting the fish
back in the water real fast....but too fast and out of reach
you got an irretrievable & dead fish! I always find one of those little pockets on the shore (full of water)to place the fish in where I can watch him and move it back & forth till theres no doubt.
If you dont do this they will squirt away from you like they are ready..but are not. Of course another way is to use your net..that is if it's the right kind to not injur the fish. Darn it, didnt want to preach, but I've seen that at R.Ford too many times and I love
to keep those fish alive as long as possible

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OK, I'll get it on as soon as I get tides on the weather page. I'm also taking next week off to get a line wet over in MT during the skwala hatch.

If though while I'm out a few of you could assist with this by tossing me a few pics for inclusion, it would be appreciated. If you have hard copies but no scanner to get them digital, I'd be happy to scan them for you and return them if you mailed them to me. Please email me if your interested.



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