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Much appreciated fella's.... and back at you. Especially Greg & Ray.

In the last three months I've only been able to wet a line wet once following a new addition to our family and a bit of a house disaster. Our hot water heater let go necessitating a complete gut of our kitchen and bathroom down through the subfloor and including all walls. I had the family moved out for two months through the heavy work, they just moved back in last week.

Lately, my fly fishing has lived vicariously through the forum. Your stories, reports, general discussion and ideas have helped with me through my river withdrawals.

Of course, everyone has their limits. So, the wife has issued the hall pass and with it I'm off Sunday to Western Montana for a week. Looks like we're going to hit the window perfectly for the skwala hatch before the melt starts kicking the rivers out of shape. On the itinerary: The Bitterroot, Upper Clark Fork, The Big Hole and possibly Rock Creek. Of course there will be a trip report that follows.


Tight lines,

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