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A Well Done to Scott and Wild Water!

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This is just an update on my Scott and Wild Water warranty work.

Scott: The sleeve on the second section spider web cracked for the first 2 inches in Alaska.bawling:
Had rod for less than a month including shipping, fixed the rod using the warranty, shipped back 3 day UPS for $45. Time frame very acceptable. I was worried because i was not notified they received my rod, got on the horn, very helpful staff! :thumb:

Wild Water: Bought and 11ft switch rod the tip exploded on the Clearwater bawling:.
Had rod less than a month. Arranged a $35 payment by phone, Sent me a brand new rod with plastic on the cork! Again very helpful customer service!! :thumb:

So to both of these fine companies, in lieu of excellent customer service:ray1:, I give both a WELL DONE!
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Good to hear, I've been wondering about Wild Water. I really like their prices on switch rods, but was unsure of their customer care.
I just rec'd my S3 back from Scott last week. Impressive turn around, only 3 weeks to build two new sections of my 4 pc. Great customer service.
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