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Advanced Tube Design Project

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Advanced Tube Engineering Project
Hi Guys and Girls!

Love reading the forum and seeing the float ingenuity that all of you possess! This site has been very valuable to me; as a new tube owner,and younger fly fisherman in the community. I hope some if,you are willing to help me on my project to,enhance the capabilities of my "new to me" watercraft. I hope to take the knowledge give and help,other young tuners advance their design concepts.

I recently purchased a used NFO Northwest Express 2 man 11 foot toon. I am trying to design for several cases.

1. Trying to design an economical sliding deck like the ones dave sells but without the 175 dollar price tag.

2. I am trying to create my own custom lean bar for support while casting to trout and smallmouth bass.

3. Hoping to come up with a modular flat deck platform that can be used to,increase surface area while,fishing alone or with someone on flat water.

4. Looking for possible,suggestions on motor / motor mount brands and or models that would work . up to,what hp motor is acceptable and or is a battery powered trolling,motor the only option?

5. What size trailer is best for the 11 foot by 5 foot toon? I was thinking a harbor freight collapsible trailer would work.http://m.harborfreight.com/...ect%2Fnot%20provided

Any help would be greatly appreciated. There are many threads (years worth of reading) on here so if anyone can point,me in the right direction that would,be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all and happy floating!



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#3 Build yourself a cat frame or two, and have ample room to wander instead of the dropped frame you have. I have (had) the old Scadden Cardiac Canyon which was a level frame and even as a single person craft provided plenty of space. Easy to stand up on also in semi calm water. Someone hit one of my toons with a lawn tractor and now I have an irreplaceable cripple. The CC was also 11' and I hauled it on a Harbor Freight trailer. Raised the deck so it went over the fenders to make it 5+ ft wide.
Thanks for the advice! Tractor blades and inflatables don't mix too well. Especially after a couple beers.

Where would I start on the frame? Does someone sell the raw materials?

Any advice on ways to clamp pvc or metal I the frame I currently have without making any permanent holes or changes?

Thanks again!
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