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I hear ya! Compared to casting a 9 foot 5 / 6 weight, a 7 foot 3 feels like casting a peice of spaghetti (cooked no less). Its just what your used to. The first time I put down my 8.5 foot 7 wt that I learned on and picked up my Sage - it was the same feeling. With time and practice, I can cast that sage as far and as accurately as I could my old beast. Now, with some dedication and a whole lot of patience for that lighter 3 wt - I can throw some serious line if I need to.

I cant speak on behalf of the salmon/steelhead gig, but I do know about trout. Where I fish back home in Idaho - There was never really a need for the 5wt even. You are not catching fish measured in pounds, but rather inches, ya know. Yeah, its good to have just in case, but in non ocean run rivers - what are the chances of hanging up with that 15 pound chum? I'll tell ya a good 18 inch Henry's fork Cutthroat will really bend a 5wt or 6 wt, but get that same fish on a 3 wt and the fun begins. Of couse it has enough back bone to land the fish quickly as to not over tire and over the play fish. The difference is that 12 - 14 inch range run of the mill, every day trout feels like a hog on a shorter / lighter rod. If the waters you fish are small and you intend to stick to waters like that - fish a little stick once and see how you like it.

I have heard enough ppl in this forum talking about summer steelhead and all - I'm gonna try for one on the 5wt! Just my 2 pennies!

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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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