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8' 4 weight for alpine lakes

8'4" or 8'6" 5 weight for all river trout fishing.

10' 6 weight for trout lakes or a good nymphing rod

9'6" 8 weight for summer steelheading, saltwater and humpy's

14' 9 weight for winter steelheading

Carlisle 10' oar handle for kings

These are the best all around rods. Yes, you need a quiver of rods if you want to fish different types of water.

I would narrow it down to the 8'6" 5 weight and the 9'6" 8 weight if I could only have two rods. Fortunately, it ain't the case.

Skip the 2 weight. Useless for just about everything except fishing for the costal cutthroat minnows.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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